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My Sweet Wardrobe 2017

Hello lovelies!
Since everyone is posting their Lolita wardrobes I thought i'd join in and do the same! Even though I'm like 15 and can't afford lots of Lolita stuff I still wanted to share what I have with this awesome community so I hope you enjoy :)

Jsks First!
I only have three Jumper Skirts at the moment but I love them with all my heart and they're just so sweet and adorable!

This is my favorite Lolita Dress EVER! It's From Bodyline and it's the Squirl Party in Saks Blue. It's so pretty and cute it just bring joy to me everytime I look at it and lots or random strangers complemint me in it a lot too haha.

This dress here is also from BodyLine it's the "famous" carasol dress in Pink! It's so lovely and very vibrant which I adore. I really want to wear this one to an amusment park so I fit the theme :D

This here was my FIRST EVER lolita dress. I got it off ebay and it's about 2 years old maybe 3. It doesn't have a brand but it's still a very cute dress and it's very plain and simple I enjoy owning at lest one simple dress for a casual kind of day.

These are my lolita blouses! I use to have more but lets just say some white ones went in the landrury with the rest of my families clothes and yeah...

This is my quater length sleeved white frilly blouse I found at a thrift shop aka any alternative fashion persons home lol. It's the brand "Rich Girl" never heard of it but it looked cute so yeah.

This here is my pink blouse also from a thrift shop. It was long sleeved but I cut it and added some heart lace to the sleeves so it was more lolita and I adore it so much! It's very thin and sheer so I wear it only under jsks and it'll be perfect for the summer!
Other Lolita Things In My Closet:
And now just a few other things in my closet that I wear with lolita (minus jewlery and headbows because they don't live in my closet) So like some shoes and purses and whatnot.

My favorite pair of socks in the world! I got these off of bodyline and they're so comfy and match all my dresses!

Classic Lolita Shoes. From Bodyline in pink and are super cute and pretty!

My Lolita purse from Bodyline. FUN FACT: My oldest sister got it for me when she was living in Japan and she was the one who introduced me to lolita and I fell in love!

My bell shape petticoat I sewed myself from scratch! It's inside out because it's hanging up and I want it to keep it's puffyness but yeah it's not very pretty but it sure makes my dresses look great!

This last one here isn't really a lolita dress but it reminds me of one so I guess it could work for casual lolita or lolitaish styles haha.

And that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into my wardrob I love reading and looking at other peoples it's so fun haha :D Well toodles for now bye!!!

xoxo Kaitlyn

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