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sage_blossom's wardrobe post 2017

Hey everyone, back for a second year of wardrobe posting! I've been actively in the fashion for about 3 1/2 years now, though only finally joined my local comm in the past year (two comms actually, since recently I'm currently on exchange abroad and was lucky enough to join the Swiss comm while I'm over here too). As a result, my wardrobe is split between two locations right now, so please excuse the occasionally different photo backgrounds.

You can find last year's wardrobe post here -

Compared to last year, I think my wardrobe is slowly becoming a bit more cohesive and versatile, and I've reconciled myself with the fact that wow, yes, do I ever love skirts. There are a couple blouses/accessories missing from this post due to the split-wardrobe conundrum but with no further ado, my wardrobe! (If I've done this correctly, you should be able to click on any of these images to see them bigger)

First up, main pieces!

Bodyline - Classic Tiered Frill Skirt (L218)

Bodyline - Tiered Floral Skirt with Cameo Bow (L173)

Angelic Pretty - Sweetie Chandelier Skirt

Infanta - Snow White Corset Skirt

axes femme - Unknown name

Bodyline - Magical Cosmetics Skirt (L372)

Angelic Pretty - Fantastic Dolly Pleated Skirt

Angelic Pretty - Sweetie Violet Skirt

Angelic Pretty - French Dot Dream Skirt

Bodyline - Bouquet High Waist Corset Skirt (L353)

Bodyline - High Waist Corseted Bustle Skirt (L325)

Handmade (not by me) - Blue Floral Skirt

Innocent World - Crown Embroidered Skirt

Mary Magdalene - Lace Ruffle Skirt

Taobao (brand unknown) - Cat JSK

I have to admit, I saw this one in someone’s amazing cat-themed wardrobe post last year (I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name!) and had to snag it for myself too :)

Chess Story - Mariage D'amour Gothic JSK

Infanta - Black Sugary Tea Vintage Vest JSK

Angelic Pretty - Wonder Queen Bustier JSK

I debated putting this in here, since it's actually going to be on its way to a new home shortly (didn't fit me quite right), but it's been a nice part of my wardrobe this past year and the details were too pretty to resist posting.  Going to be really sad to see this one go.  Maybe one day I'll get the skirt version instead!

Next up, tops/blouses!

(one more favourite white tie-front blouse missing here too, whoops)

Clockwise from top left:

Infanta - Infanta Country Story Knight Blouse

Mary Magdalene - Dobby Stripe Short Sleeve Blouse

Forever 21 - Peter Pan Chiffon Blouse

Comme Ca Ism - Tie Front Blouse

See how much nicer this one looks when I can actually find the blouse ties for it in time for the photo?

axes femme - Navy Tie Cutsew

axes femme - Black/White Bow Cutsew

axes femme - Capelet Cutsew Blouse

axes femme - Capelet Cutsew Blouse

(it’s not very feasible to show off the cute shape of these tops while folded or laid flat, so have a peek at the original stock pictures!)

Angelic Pretty - Unknown crown embroidered cardigan

Offbrand (AliExpress) - Lavender cardigan

Left: H&M, axes femme

Right (clockwise):axes femme, axes femme, axes femme, Physical Drop

(can you tell I really like axes femme stuff yet?)

Clockwise from top left: axes femme, Bodyline, Japanese offbrand, A&F Kids (thrifted), DreamV

And now, bags!

From top to bottom: Angelic Pretty, Liz Lisa, DreamV, FanPlusFriend, Swimmer, Offbrand (x3)

From left to right: Taobao, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Unknown, Taobao

Jewelery & Accessories! (again, some are missing due to the dual-location conundrum)


From left to right: Offbrand, Bodyline (shoes198), Bodyline (shoes295), Taobao, Bodyline (shoes168), Taobao


HMHM - Imitation Cashmere \ Nepalese Wool Coat + Cape

Angelic Pretty - Royal Pleated Ribbon Jacket

Handmade (not by me): White Fleece Capelet
Bloomers: Bodyline - pan054 (the comfiest I've ever found!)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - BABY Bird Cage Umbrella

Currently in the mail:

Angelic Pretty - Fantastic Dolly Skirt

And maaaybe one other cute skirt, I'll leave it in the comments if I win the auction

And to cap it all off, I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite detail shots that didn’t quite make the cut, and my four favourite coords of 2016! Thanks for reading and see you next year :)

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