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Another 2017 Wardrobe Post

My style is still pretty eclectic, but I enjoyed trying out different aesthetics last year to find what suits me. I sold several of my dresses trying to refine my wardrobe, but I think I like having a wide range of looks for different events and casual wear.

I take the detachable bows off of everything when I'm not wearing since I've bought a couple things that had been damaged from being stored with the pins on. Here are the bows for everything (some are on the back of the scarf).

Some of the main pieces are for sale on my lacemarket, I'm always afraid I'll damage things during moving and so try not to keep things I'm not wearing or that don't fit.

AATP Ragnarok

Moitie Harpsichord Trio

AATP Operetta Bouquet (rosettes stored separately)

Metamorphose Rose Gobelin

Another Rose Gobelin release

Metamorphose Crown Label Strawberries and Cream OP

Metamorphose Trumpet Sleeve OP

Metamorphose Revival Bouquet Print Flare Sleeved Tiered OP

IW Rose Dot OP

IW coat dress

AATP This is my Blood OP

IW Natalie OP

BTSSB Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait OP (I love this, it was a gift. I was afraid to buy sweet for myself but this cut suits me fine)

AP Dreamy Horoscope

Metamorphose Secret Eden special set

AATP L'ecrin de Votre Gauche

IW (?)

BTSSB Pastoral in the Green Grass

IW Cesky Krumlov


BTSSB Veronica Elisse

IW (?)

BTSSB La Belle Epoque

AP Astro Regimen

IW Theresia Rose

BTSSB Gelato Ribbon Sundress

BTSSB biscuit print

IW (?)

Metamorphose Rose Birdcage Asymmetry Frill jsk

IW (?)

IW Crest Gobelin

IW velveteen bow front jsk

AATP Cock-Robin

Metamorphose Romantic Kimono rerelease

I don't have a cute way to display my accessories right now. I didn't want to get everything out of the many boxes and drawers I have them in to take photos. I'm moving again next weekend, though. Hopefully my next place has bigger rooms so more of my lolita accessories can be displayed nicely.

Here's the chiffarobe I have some of the bows, socks, and bags, and my other stuff packed away in. Fumo Sakuya is guarding them for me :)


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