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My Classic Wardrobe Post 2017!

This is the beginning of my 7th year in Lolita! My wardrobe finally reached a stage where I found I wasn't getting round to wear things. As a result, while I have some things on order, I intend to try and sell some items that I find I am not wearing much this year.

For those interested, my 2016 post can be viewed here and my 2015 post can be viewed here.

I have a tiny room at the minute so I really have had to maximise what space I have!

So now onto what I actually have!

One Pieces

My Charles Crown OP is a new addition from 2016. It's something I had ogled at when it came up on sales. I managed to snap it up off a friend who was selling it!

I have quite a few so I have sorted according to colour.

Miss Point and AP

AP, Infanta, AP. French Dot and University JSK are both new additions - I love the vintage feel they have to them.  I am intending to sell the Infanta dress as it isn't really my cut.

Infanta, Baby, Magic Tea Party. The Magic Tea Party dress is new - it is a great Christmas dress! My Baby JSK has been so versatile, I bought it in 2010 and it was a brilliant buy.

AATP, Bodyline, IW. The Bodyline JSK is brilliant - I wear it for lindyhop a lot. The IW I am considering selling as I don't need as much velvet in my wardrobe as I have.

Surface Spell, IW. The IW was a gift from two best friends for my 30th last year!


Bodyline, Bodyline, AATP. I was so happy to get Dance of the Black Cats - major dream print!

Souffle Song, Infanta. I bought the SS skirt in autumn 2016 - I can't wait to wear it as it is stunning.


Infanta, Infanta, Infanta, Bodyline. The one on the right I don't wear much so I am intending to sell.

Lots of white blouses! For more detail, look at my 2016 post. F+F, Bodyline, Magic Tea Party, Lady Melody, Baby, Infanta.

Bodyline, Bodyline, AATP. I got the AATP cardigan as a gift from my loli friends who organised a whip round for my 30th!


Bodyline, Baby, Ness, TK Maxx, New Look, Infanta. I am thinking of selling the Bodyline coat as I am not wearing it much now I have my Baby one.


I am a massive Beret Fan. The sailor beret is Sakura Fairy, the cream beret is from Dreamybows. The Tricorn is Peacockolorum and the straw bonnet is Austentation. The rest are thrifts and high street shops.

A selection of head pieces, The bow clips are from IW, the old school headpiece was made for me by a friend. The thick black alice band with gold details is from Cutie Creator (or whatever they are called atm).

Collar is Peacockolorum, cape is Baby, the lace cape is Infanta, The muff I can't remember!

Souffle Song, Restyle, Haruhi Clover. Followed by Primark, Off brand, IW, IW, Ness. The Souffle Song heart bag and Haruhi Clover basket bag were 2016 additions.

Some accessories.

The head band is from Red Maria, and the majority of the jewellery is picked up on the high street or off ebay/etsy.

IMG_20160108_215052 (1).jpg
I haven't had any change in my tights/socks collection so I'm being naught and re-using ym 2016 picture,


Bodyline, An Tai Na, Lizjill, Bodyline, Bodyline, Bodyline, Antaina, can't remember!, Bodyline, Melissa. I am thinking of selling the Melissa shoes as they are a little small. The green, wine, and black shoes are 2016 additions.

So that's it! I am looking to get some more country coords for 2017, and to also buy some blue shoes would be sensible too.

Thanks for looking!


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