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Irwaen's Wardrobe Going Into 2017

This is my first wardrobe post and I apologise for the poor quality of the photos. I ended up making up coords with each main piece which was fun to do, though they're not all 'proper' lolita coordinates.
I started wearing lolita in 2014 and over 2016 I think my wardrobe really started to properly develop into something interesting. Hope you like it!


Mademoiselle Princess - Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Lovely Sweet Room - Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Sleeping Beauty - Alice and the Pirates

Moonlit Church - Innocent World

Foret Profonde - Juliette et Justine

Flocky Ornament - Moi Meme Moitie

Kagura Mai jsk - Atelier Pierrot

Corset Bustle Dress - Atelier Pierrot

The Little Prince - Haenuli

Lolita Detective - Haenuli

For Juliette - Haenuli

Lace Series OP - Lady Sloth

London Postcards - Lady Sloth

Dance of Xuthus - Classical Puppets

Romanticism - Classical Puppets

Choosing - Souffle Song

Four Seasons - Souffle Song

I546 - Bodyline


Radiant Candlelight - Angelic Pretty

Can't remember name - Angelic Pretty

Relief Princess - Alice and the Pirates

Blooming Garden - Metamorphose

Antique Bouquet - Metamorphose

Flocky Chandelier - Jane Marple

That Blood Skirt! - Triple Fortune

Fairytale Melancholy - Lady Sloth

Pretty Skull - We're All Mad Here

Art Nouveau Architecture - Eat Me Ink Me

I325 - Bodyline


Thrifted - Lady Sloth - Ebay
Infanta - Atelier Pierrot - Bodyline

Fanplusfriend - Yesstyle
Both Infanta

From a friend - Lady Sloth - Offbrand
Lady Sloth - From same friend


Offbrand - Putumayo - All Angelic Pretty


Lady Sloth - Etsy


Antaina (I'm only showing one as the other is being mended) - Antaina - YRU
Offbrand - Offbrand - Queen Bee
Red or Dead - Offbrand - Red or Dead
Antaina - Offbrand

I've left off my non brand tights/socks, belts and jewelry because I was losing the will to carry on taking photos....

In the Post

So there's my wardrobe going into 2017. Hope you like it!
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