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Gwenchan's Wardrobe

This is the third time doing a wardrobe post. You can find my last years post here and my 2015 post here .
2016 was my 10th year into Lolita Fashion. Unfortunately, I had not so much opportunitys to wear the fashion much. I hope, I can wear it more often this year. My goal for next year is to sew more again and look for some more flower print dresses

Innocent Word

Espandy JSK
Rose Jacquard JSK with Pearls long version
Royal Library Corset JSK

Sharon JSK
Belinda OP

Venessa Jacket and Skirt
IW Coat

Souseiseki pants, cape and hat
Shinku OP and cape

Victorian Maiden

Stripe Lace Ribbon OP
Chiffon Petal Ribbon OP
Rose Bouquet Stripe Chiffon OP

Crown JSK
Noble Queen JSK

Alice and the Pirates

Queens Coach JSK II navy and wine
Scheherazade ~One Thousand and One Nights~ JSK II

The name of the rose vest and skirt

Juliette et Justine

St. Cecilia JSK
La Dame a la Licorne JSK
Die Sterntaler OP


Princess Crown Bouquet Ribbon JSK
Vintage Cameo High Waist Pinafore JSK

Angelic Pretty

Chess Chocolate Bustier JSK
Castle Mirage OP


Celestial Light OP
Brier JSK

Other Brands

Baby the stars shine bright Träumerei of Bright Stars JSK
Mary Magdalene Antoinette Fleur OP

HMHM Classical Velveteen Chandelier JSK
Yolanda Musical Notes JSK
Krad Lanrete Le Portrait de Marie JSK

Yolanda Leonora OP


Little Red Riding Hood JSK
Rose Stripe JSK
Violet Rose JSK


Innocent World Royal Crown Embroidery Skirt
Innocent World Pompadour Skirt
Offbrand Skirt

Grimoire Skirt


Innocent World Blouses
Infanta Fairy Dance Blouse

Metamorphose Blouse
H&M Blouse

Baby the Start shine Bright Sophia Blouse

Magic Teaparty Blouse
Lili J London Blouse

Innocent World Pearskin Bow Jabot Blouse
H&M Blouse
Ann Christin Blouse

Innocent World Sophia Pullover
Innocent World Concordia Pullover

Innocent World Sleeve Ribbon Knit Pullover
Innocent World Ribbon Bustier

Victorian Maiden Elegant Frill Bolero
Innocent World Rachel Short Bolero

Innocent World Bolero
HMHM Bolero


Putumayo Overknee Socks
Innocent World Overknee Socks
Innocent World Rozen Maiden Overknee Socks
Innocent World Rose and Ribbon Cross Overknee Socks

Putumayo Celestial Light Overknee Socks
Innocent World Rococo Rose Overknee Socks
Innocent World Torchon Lace Knee Socks
Alice and the Pirates The name of the Rose Socks

Innocent World Royal Library Tights
Innocent World Fantasy Night Sky Overknee Socks
Juliette et Justine Cameo Pattern Overknee Socks


Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Headbow
Krad Lanrete Le Portrait de Marie Headbow
Alice and the Pirates The Name of the Rose Headbow

Innocent World Royal Library Headbow
Alice and the Pirates Queen's Coach Headbow in wine
Metamorphose Headbow

HMHM Velveteen Headbow
Innocent World Hairclips

Yolanda Leonora Hairclip
Metamorphose Vintage Cameo Headdress
Rococo Soul Headdress

Handmade Christmas Headdress
Juliette et Justine Juliette et Justine Sucrée et fleur Special Headdress
Victorian Maiden Rose Haircomb

Flower Headbands

more Flower Headbands and Rose Hairclips

Yolanda Leonora Bonnet
Innocent World Bonnet

Alice and the Pirates Queen's Coach Bonnet in navy + wine


Innocent World Antique Book Bag
White offbrand Bag
Black offbrand Bag

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