December 30th, 2011

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Completed Commissions & a new website!

Earlier in the year, I teamed up with the Austin, TX based team Happy Ghost to relaunch the website for my label, since my first site was crudely self coded and, quite frankly, kind of a mess.
Ashley handled most of the design elements while Travis handled most of the coding. They were both incredibly polite and professional throughout the entire process -- they regularly sent updates, including screen caps of layout examples, and they were quick to respond to any comments, questions, concerns, or changes that I wished to make. Before I received the new code, I was able to view each page on their server to see how the code actually performed, and they walked me through exactly how to maintain the site, make updates, and control the item database.
After we launched the new site, they were also incredibly helpful in smoothing out any problems that we found (such as inconsistencies within browsers and other such quirks).
I have been absolutely thrilled with their work and their service -- for anyone looking for a new website, I could not recommend them more!

The site's primary use is as a portfolio (the "Gallery"), especially since I'm currently working for a local bridal designer. But the shop won't be ignored for much longer -- more accessories will be added mid-January, and I will have some skirt sets available later (I will update il Sangue's facebook page when new items are added).

Finally, since it's been years since my last sewing update here, I thought I'd share some of the things that I've been working on to help fill the new site!
Beneath the cut are some finished gifts and commissions for estradizione and lilac_ambience

Warning: Extremely Picture Heavy

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Replicas of IW Elizabeth Blouse - Do they exist?

I have recently fell head-over-heels in love with IW's Elizabeth blouse and bolero. The cascade of lace along the bell of the sleeves is gorgeous. Unfortunately, the price is not.

As pretty as it is, I have no idea how to replicate that by hand, and my wallet cringes in terror at the nearly 20,000 yen tag it boasts. Does anyone know of replicas of these beauties, or who/what would be most likely to replicate them? They're stunning, but so is their 19,000+ yen price-tag.
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    Alright then, this one goes out to all my fellow loli that are larger than a D-cup. What do you do with that? I am a very small girl, only weighing in at 103lbs with very tiny messurements. However my bust is 28DDD+! What do I do with that? I love the cute high collars of classic and sweet loli but they ten to make me look blocky or "long chested" if I don't wear them with a corcet. Ovbiously a corcet doesn't work with all sweet loli outfits. Also when I wear something with even a slight dip it is cleavage central. I am at my wits end with all the "aww what a sweet dress" being "VAVA VOOM! SHAKE IT!" when I go to outings. Friends have been told to just go Eurololi but that's not my spirit. I am a sweet Lolita in my heart. Can anyone help me? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Edit: Thank you all for the links and help! I will look into these tips and try them out. <3

Aspie Lolitas?

With careful consideration I have realised that this is a sensitive topic and if it is inappropriate feel free to delete, but I want to ask.
Are any of you aspies? As in, people with Aspergers? I was diagnosed about a month ago and have had questions for my family and peers, but now I want to ask you guys for help in some situations that might be difficult regarding lolita. As in, how do you deal with the attention lolita brings, how do you feel about attending meet ups and so on.

I would be grateful for any help at all, whether you are an aspie, are on the spectrum, know someone who is etc.