December 29th, 2011


Alice and the Pirates bags back in stock

Some of the most popular AntP bags are now back in stock!

AntP Coffin Bags are back with new listing and still some colors left in

The AntP Treasure box bag is in stock again in brown

Milky Rail Train, Clock trunk bag was showing all sold out the other day, but is back in stock in the two browns

Usagiyouhinten Overseas

SOLVED! Thank you very much!

I've just purchased a pair of socks from Usagiyouhinten using the shopping cart, but the instructions after that are quite confusing for me :S

Do I have to wait for them to send me the invoice or I just have to pay them through Paypal with the amount they sent me with their first email?

Alice in Underland | White Rabbit

larger sizes and measuring in general

I am looking for larger sizes, but every time I see a sales post, everything seems to be smaller. I am in general an American size 16-18 (I am a bit more top heavy). I have pored over the actual brand sellers that are recommended, and found very little in them to be big enough.

For you bigger folks, where do you find bigger sizes? Is it possible? Or do I need to just learn how to sew these things myself?

and in general, when I browse a sales post, the measurements given often seem much to small. Do most people lay the garment flat, and then measure it? Because then that would be only a half-width measurement.

Thanks in advance!

ETA: Thanks for the advice! I'm not even worried about brand or not, actually, as long as it's cute. :3 So I'm perfectly happy going with offbrand folks or even custom. I just have never really made something this fancy myself, so was hoping for some place that I could buy. thanks!

Further Confusion Lolita Panel

I will be co-hosting a Lolita Panel @ Further Confusion 2012

This is for Furries interested in Lolita or who are just starting to get into Lolita. We will be going over the basic of Lolita, Do's and Dont's, and answering question from the audience.

Please join us!

Friday 13th at 5PM in the Guadalupe Room
San Jose Convention Center, CA

*must be registered to FC to be able to attend the panel.
madoka magica

Innocent World New Years Happy Set B!

It's been a loooooong while since I bought or wore anything lolita, but when I saw (and failed to get) IW's Happy Christmas Pack, I realised they'd be putting up their New Year's packs soon so I stalked their site/emails everyday until it came up! I've always wanted to be able to buy their larger sized lucky pack so I jumped at the chance when I saw they uploaded it to their site! :D

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Loli-ables in Germany?

Hello, everyone. <3
I have a little question.

I'm going to be in Germany this spring from March 24th to April 4th on a trip with my German class. What I wanted to know is this: Are there any good stores in München or Ulm to buy Lolita-esque things?  I'm saving all of my money to spend while I'm in Germany, and of course I'd like to things that will fit in with Lolita. XD 
So, if there are any German loli's reading, are there any places you like to find little loli-able things at? 
Also, what's the chance of me meeting another loli there? Unfortunately I can't bring any of my clothing since we're just dragging our stuff around in small suitcases, but I think at least spotting another Lolita would be nice. 
If there are no specific shops, does anyone have any ideas for incorporating Lolita into my travel at least a little? It could just be, "Put a bow on your suitcase" or something little, but I'm interested in what you girls do when you aren't able to take your frills along. 
Thank you in advance. :D
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2 Holiday Meetups

It was a very full holiday of meetups in the SF Bay Area, we had at least 3. I was only able to make it to the Great Dickens Christmas Fair and the Christmas in the park meets, and as usual tons of pictures while I was there. :)

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