December 28th, 2011

bride of frankenstein

Does anyone have any experience with the shopping service "From Japan"?

I just discovered the shopping service "From Japan" the other day which claims to not charge any fees. If that's true, that's absolutely wonderful, but I was just wondering if there were any hidden fees they don't tell you about or if they jack up the shipping to make up for it or something. I searched through the tags and I couldn't find anything about them, plus their name makes them ridiculously hard to search for. Also, if you have ordered with them before, can you tell me how they compare to other shopping services you've used in the past? If it makes a difference, I'm planning to use them to buy from an auction and I only want to buy one item. Here's a link to their website: From Japan 

Cosplay Wigs USA

Hey guys,

Just wondering if any of you have had any issues with Cosplay Wigs USA? I saw that another customer had issues with their services because of their lack of reply. I've previously corresponded with them in the past but they are so flaky! I honestly wish they didn't have all this hype around them because their service does not go hand in hand with their quality of right? Thoughts? Experiences? I wanna hear your stories!

wonder party

lolitas on instagram?

I know people often post their tumblrs and personal blogs in order to connect, but I don't remember seeing of any instagram account swaps on here. Do any of you girls use it? Want to share your username? Mine isn't strictly lolita, as I post a lot of photos of my new puppy and nature shots, but I do post some coordinates and outfit snaps, and I'd love to see other people's outfits or other cute things as well. My username is octavekitten if you'd like to add me. Share yours if you like!

IW New Years Lucky Pack

I ordered a set A Lucky Pack from Innocent World last month and it arrived on Christmas Eve. As the pack were estimated to arrive early January, it was to be a birthday present, but it arrived early and I couldn't resist opening it, lol. The contents of the pack were just my style, so I was very happy. Now with out further ado, here are the pictures of my Lucky Pack items.
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