December 27th, 2011

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BTSSB Drosselmeyer's wonderbox reserve

I reserved the clara jsk in this series when it first went on reserve and paid the invoice. I got an email about a week later saying it would be shipped as soon as it was available but I haven't heard anything since! I know it says the series will be available mid to late December so there is still a little bit of time before I should be worried I think. So, sorry if I am just worrying too early but has anyone else received shipping confirmation or anything? Thank you! 
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Quick question about Angelic Pretty english website

I ordered something yesterday on AP's international website but when I was about to pay for the shipping fees, an error occurred and the payment didn't work. The website told me to contact them via the contact board and that they were sorry for the inconvenience. This never happened to me before and I'm quite nervous since I already sent the money for my stuff but it cannot be shipped yet. Is there a way to pay for the shipping fees without having to wait for their reply? I heard it can take alot of time before they answer and I'd like my items soon...
Did that happen to some of you too? If yes, how was it solved?
Thank you!
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Los Angeles / Southern California Lolitas?

I'm visiting (southern) California until the 8th of January, and I was wondering if there are any Lolitas who would like to meet up somewhere. (I'll be in Little Tokyo in LA today, if anyone would like to informally meet there.) Somewhere near Los Angeles would be preferred. :) Thanks!
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Circle Lens & Wigs for Classic Lolita Photoshoot? Need Suggestions!

Hi, Lovelies! :D

This is my first post here and I feel somewhat awkward. :p I am pretty much new to the fashion. I was introduced to lolita by a good friend of mine, and I've been pretty much a lurker for almost a year now. Recently I've been collecting the items,which was mostly classic, and I was planning to have my first lolita photoshoot next February.

The question is, I was thinking of buying circle lenses to wear in the photo session. But I'm in doubt, since classic lolita mostly approach more natural looks. My eyes are not too small, perhaps sliiightly big, and I am afraid that circle lenses will make my eyes being too big to be natural. Yet, I thought it would be nice to have brown / violet lenses since my eyes are very dark. I was considering to buy wigs too. Since, my hair is thick and it's hard to style since it's pretty dry. But I would want to hear your suggestions, especially to those who wear classic :D

For your reference, this is a photo of mine

Collapse )

Should I wear, or don't wear circle lenses & wigs? Sorry for the derpy face, btw. And I will be looking forward to hear your suggestions XD.
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Red Enamel/Shinny shoes?

My dream shoes were some rocking horse enamel shoes in red!

I love them to death but I have no clue on how to coordinate them... I feel that if I use them in a black/red coord, they will be too shiny in comparison to the other red I'll be wearing.
From there, I have no clue. Help is welcome and coord pictures with some enamel red shoes would be greatly appreciated! (I'm into gothic or classic if that helps).