December 26th, 2011

Innocent World Winter Sale

I know that Innocent World has lucky packs and usually has sales during the summer, but does anyone know if/when IW will have a winter/New Year's sale? (besides their 20 blouse sale)

I didn't really pay attention to IW last winter so I wouldn't know, and I can't find anything searching around.

Bodyline & Woolite

Okay, today I washing all my non-Lolita clothes and decided to take a chance and cleaned one of my Bodyline blouses with a Woolite dryer sheet (I'm planning on getting rid of it anyway).

I followed the instructions on the box and it came out perfectly fine. So I tried again with another blouse and two skirts and they have come out fine as well. No melted buttons or lace and no discoloration or stains. The Woolite costs about $10 for a pack of 6 sheets. You can clean up to 4 garments with each sheet.

While I strongly urge being much more cautious with brand items, I can recommend using Woolite on Bodyline.