December 25th, 2011

Cinderella Dreamland -your opinion/experience

So I have ordered this dress from Cinderella Dreamland on Taobao i thought it looked good for the price, but I'm wondering if you think its a good choice. Does it look too cheap? Do you have any experience with this shop?. I'm having trouble putting the photos from Taobaospree here at the moment but I'll try again later.
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Hello everyone!
I have been searching through the memories, but there seems to be very little information about large/long legs and the TaoBao store Secret Shop.
I have been looking to buy socks, specifically Secret shop socks. I have checked the online store and it seems the socks are all knee length. But I have heard that they also produce OTK... do they? And where can I find them? Has any tall lolita bought the knee high socks from SS? Do they hit your knee? (Probably not...)
It if helps, my legs are 55 cm long from the bottom to the knee, and my calves are 42 cm at the widest point. I'm 1.78 tall.

Also, I have bought socks from we love colours and sock dreams, but I really want to try printed Lolita socks... with candy, ponies and all!

Thank you so much for your help! ^^

Ps.: Sorry for bad english and spelling mistakes -.-

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wonder party

hi there~
I generally hate seeing these posts, but i had hoped y'all would know better than anyone; has anyone ordered from they've got a darling pair of boots, but i'm just a bit skeptical because i've seen their images on other sites :/
thanks for your help in advance!

My name is...?

Quick question:

Does anyone recognize this BTSSB dress? I attempted to translate the name and search through Hello Lace but so far no such luck - maybe I just overlooked it? I am looking for measurements on it. Any help you ladies can give would be greatly appreciated; I think it's extremely pretty! (reminds me of Marie Antoinette...)

BTSSB Mystery Dress on Fairy Angel

thank you in advance!)
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NO more cosplay wigs USA

I have earlier posted about my recent problems with cosplay wigs USA, I have contacted them many times, and still no replay. Im super bummed. Anyways, Im still a sucker for wigs, well, mostly just split and blend wigs, though. Now Im stuck...
Does anyone know where I can get a wig online(split and blend) with the same good prices(including shipping), and the same good quality(that I hear of), prefferably stationed in the US???

Im trying to contact them again, hopefully this time their comunication will be better, they havent gotten back to me on ANYTHING!!! ;(
And I have been trying since about two weeks after I ordered(ordered on Black Friday)
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3ds friend code (Swapnote)

Hi everyone! There was free app on the nintendo 3ds, Swapnote,where you can exchange little drawings to each other. I think it's adorable. :D So I was wondering if anyone wanted to swap some friend codes with me, so we can send each other some little sketches? I'm not sure how many have heard about Swapnote, but if you would like to switch codes here's mine. 1246-8810-4603 I hope this is some what relevant because i'm wondering if anyone draws any lolita inspired stuff! Thanks!