December 24th, 2011

What if you don't want to dress in Lolita anymore, but can't part from your clothes either?

so, after a few years dressing in Lolita, I feel I have to grow up a bit (especially because I already look very young for my age and Lolita doesn't really help) and decided to not dress in Lolita anymore. But I'm very reluctant to let go of my clothes. From the inside I am still a Lolita, I adore the dresses. 

My question to you all is: if you ever didn't want to dress in Lolita anymore but still want to keep the clothes, what would you do with the clothes?

Personally, if I had the space I would buy a dozen of mannequins and dress them up in Lolita xD just to have my own personal Lolita museum.  
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The postman brought my long Alchemy print OP today!

I'm so happy! I bought it as a Christmas present to myself, but Moitié took ages to actually send it to CDJapan once the money had gone in, so I wasn't sure if I'd even get it before it sold out at all - and it turns out it arrived this morning, on Christmas Eve! How cool? =D

I absolutely adore it, too. It's a perfect fit and it's even the perfect length! I think at 5'11", I'll always buy the long versions of my favourite prints in the future if there's one available. I'm so happy to find that a brand dress reaches my knees just like my custom made dresses do =D

I have a small dream-print collection starting now... Divine Cross (MMM, velvet/gold), Midsummer Night's Dream (AatP, black/blue) and Alchemy (MMM, chiffon/long/red). I'm missing a black Milky Planet in there. xD

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I think even though it's such a slim shape and so long, I still need a petticoat with it. I'll either borrow my friend's overly long petticoat that she described to me, or use a medium-poofy cupcake petti that I tried earlier (see image above). But does anybody else find that some Moitié dresses are quite hard to find the right petticoat for? They're almost designed not to need one, but that feels too much like an evening dress and not enough like Lolita to me. XD
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BODYLINE (please help) question

Sorry my English is not too good, I am an exchange student live in USA now. I ordered $400 of item from Bodyline on December 13 and was wondering when it ship? Used airmail $5 flat rate shipping, the last day the tracking was update is December 16. Anybody have experience with Bodyline shipping please? I am new here, thank you.

Why do you love lolita?

Everybody must have a reason why they got into the fashion, but for some it is more than just something you wear. It's an inspiration, a beloved hobby, or even a hero to some in a way.

For me, dressing in lolita, at my age of 15, was a way to fit in without fitting in, but still fitting in. I could do something out there and fun without having the hassle of going through ridicule at school. Along the way I noticed that when I wear the fashion it I just feel good and accepted, and the girls I've met so far have been wonderful. I love lolita because of the way I feel in it and the people I've met along the way. I love it because it saved me from being the "Life sucks, woe is me." teenage girl. It gives me courage and makes me feel beautiful, even if all I do is wear a frilly dress around the house. I can express myself and feel great and not give a single care about what others think. That's why I love lolita.

After saying that, I have but one simple question.

Why do YOU love lolita?
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Kidsyoyo question...

Are these items for reservation or are they currently available? I'm sorry, google translate is not very good.
I also saw a post here earlier asking something similar, but I didn't quite understand it.
(I plan on getting all these (except the last) in the chocolate/coffee colour)
And if I ordered them late December/Early January how long would it take to get to the shopping service, approximately? (I would use Taobaospree, since I've had very good experiences with them)
(Oh! And another thing I'm a bit confused about their sizing chart! It won't translate the chart OTL And also, for the coat and dress, can there be custom sizing? Because I'm about 5'5" and I don't want them to be too short!)

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Where has all Wooden RHS gone?

I've been looking around for wooden rhs (especially the shinichi (wingtip) ones) and it seems I'm coming up empty handed at each and every turn. Double-Decker doesn't have them, Lolita lola seems to not be selling them anymore. I simply don't know where to look. What has happened to all the wooden RHS? I can find foam heeled ones aplenty but I don't want those, wood I much more prefer.

Has anyone seen any?