December 23rd, 2011

Ebay seller: ling_lam2008 and Replicas


I was looking for some replicas on Ebay and found this shop.

She sells replicas and other lolita related items. I was planning to buy from her, but I would really like to know if her product are worth buying. I looked at the memories at EGL,  but only found reviews about her lolita shoes shop. 

I was wondering what the quality of the product is, especially the replicas.
The replica I want to buy is this one:

So did you buy from her ebay shop, then please tell me your story.

Lolita-inspired clothes at Target

Gwen Stefani just came out with a "Harajuku Mini" line for Target. Unfortunately it's only made for children and tweens, but I thought it was still pretty cool--especially if you have a little sister/niece/etc who wants to dress in lolita :)
Of course "Harajuku girl" =/= lolita, but I thought these <a href="">two</a> <a href="">dresses</a> were pretty cute and obviously lolita-inspired.
Even though they're made for children, if you're on the smaller side you might could make it work--I found that the XL (14-16) size fit me pretty well in the bust and waist, although the skirt was waaaaay too short. I bought the first JSK (and matching headbow!), so I'm going to alter it with a few inches of black velvet at the bottom to make up for the length. (Hopefully it'll look something like <a href="">Candy-Chan on a Walk</a>.)

And while I'm here, a mini-review: the quality wasn't that great; the fabric was a mix of polyester and nylon, no cotton. I'd liken it with Bodyline quality. But the dress was only $25 and the headbow $7, so I'd say it's a pretty good deal ^^