December 22nd, 2011

White Rabbit

IW Antique Book Bag re-release

Innocent World has a new version of the Antique Book Bag up for reserve:

I was convinced that I was going to get one of these since I missed out on the last two releases, but now that I see it... I feel like it doesn't look as much like a book as the first two versions (first version, second version). I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't have that distinctive, old fashioned gilded border around the "cover" of the book. :/

What do you all think of this version as compared to the older ones?

parasols - how practical?

I've been admiring an AP parasol, but I was curious about whether or not any polish have purchased any parasols or umbrellas that can stand up to rain? Please send a link of they are still for sale... I'd love a bit of frilly protection from the rain..
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Belgian Cupcakes Magazine # 4

The fourth edition of the Belgian Cupcakes Magazine is availble for free download now. You can download it here. I'm using a new laptop with Windows 7 instead of XP and had to download a new pdf maker. So if your computer waffles about the Nitro add on, just allow it. If you want to save it, click on the enveloppe on the little pop up window it'll give you and it should bring you to a different window in which you can save the magazine.
I know, it's all terribly annoying, but I've been working with Primo since 2008 and I'm not inclined to go change it for something else. I'm sure everyone will get the hang of it soon enough :)
Or you may just get a normal pdf file screen. Either could happen.

Belgian Cupcakes Magazine # 4 cover
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January Banner Art Contest Reminder

Can you believe it's almost January already? Well, you know what that means -- a new EGL banner! If you're an artist, you can submit your lolita-themed artwork for the chance to be featured on the first new banner of 2012! Details on how to enter the banner art contest are in this post.

Normally submissions for the upcoming month are due on the 25th, but due to the holidays and my general lateness about making this reminder, the deadline for January's contest is the evening of December 26th, at midnight, PST. Voting on the entries will be held between the 27th and the 29th.

Good luck everyone! :)