December 21st, 2011

What does your dry cleaner think?

I've seen a number of posts where people ask what does your boyfriend/family/workplace/neighbors think of lolita, but I'm curious, what does your dry cleaner think about you, especially if you are a regular?

Are they excited when you bring in something new? Do they see you as the weirdo? Do they assume you are bringing in "wedding dresses" and get dollar signs in their eyes?

My dry cleaner calls me "Miss Cinderella." Once she asked me if I was a model. Apparently she was under the impression that I got to keep some of the interesting things I "modeled." Haha.

Does anyone else's dry cleaner also have some odd theories about them?
Kim Myoung Jae

Meta Winter Lucky Packs and Sale & Question about LJ Cut Problems

Meta's winter LPs are out as of 1230 Japanese time friday. Meta's last couple of luckypacks have been pretty disappointing, but these are looking pretty promising. I may get one this time. What do you think of them?

I can't get LJ to cut for the life of me since the format change that happened last night. I highlight like I always do, but the cut is always broken. I've even tried it with nothing in the cut, but still, broken. I see that several other people have been able to cut, but I cannot for some reason, any advice?

Quick question about the BTSSB shopping cart

I'll be trying to order a Lucky Pack from AATP tomorrow, but since I never used the shopping cart system before I don't have an account there yet. My question is the following: If I make an account with my email, can I still use another paypal email-address to pay? I'm using my dad's account instead of mine.
(I was curious because if you have a different email when you mail-order than the mail you use for your paypal, they ask you to warn them beforehand)