December 20th, 2011


Meet up in Barcelona (spain)

Hi! I'm Spanish lolita, from Barcelona (Sagrada familia, gaudí, gothic catedrals, olimpic games '92, etc...).
I post in the comunity because I'll preparate a very big meet up in that city, and I invete all the lolitas that will visit Barcelona this summet to going to the meet up.
If you like to know more, you can visit the blog of meet up. Its in spanish, but I'd done a part in other lenguages (english, french, italian, japanase, and more soon).

Thank you for read. If you know somebody (lolita), that visit Barcelona, speak about the event!

AntP: The END of immortal EDEN & BTSSB: Bon-Bon Chocolat Dance Dance Dance

So what does everyone think of the latest reserves from AntP and BTSSB?
The END of immortal EDEN
Bon-Bon Chocolat Dance Dance Dance
And in English:
The END of immortal EDEN
Bon-Bon Chocolat Dance Dance Dance
Angelic Pretty Logo

Limited time Free EMS Event!

Still trying to fulfill that gift list? Procrastination gotten the best of you?

Starting immediately, free US domestic Express Mail Service (EMS) shipping for all purchases over $350 from:,, and

Some restrictions applies. Eligibility excluding tax, and shipping fees, destination must be within the continental US.
Reservation and Special order requests are not eligible.
Promotion ends on Dec 23rd 2011 00:00 Pacific Time.
Shiro Loli

Milanoo's Many Scam Shops List: Constantly Updated + Alphabetized

IMPORTANT: If you feel your website was put on this list in error, I will not remove your website from this list until you...

A) Change out all your stolen images to your own images.

B) Provide materials and documents proving that you are allowed to use those images.

If you cannot do one of those things, you either are a scam, or don't care enough about quality to be trusted.


05/23/16: Appearently people still use this post as a resource, so I went through and cleaned it up. Also, Joe Speakes' website has goe -poof-, so here's the orignal notes he wrote on Facebook.

01/12/15: Happy New Year! Added a few more sites, cleaned up a bit. Also, deleted the link to Joe Speake's FB post, because how there's a website:

03/03/14: Added above text, minor edits...

12/23/13: Merry Almost Christmas! Also, fixed some formatting issues caused by a LiveJournal update.

11/03/13: Added image example for Google Shopping. It's just not a place to be searching for anything anymore. M*lanoo practically owns it.

10/30/13: Added Jezebel video link. It's from a while ago, is referring to wedding dresses, not Lolita, and doesn't actually mention M*lanoo, but it is talking about scams overseas in general, and is pretty revealing and informative.

09/18/13: Added some sites. Deleted broken links. Found some sites with viruses and malware. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS, ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT WARN OF VIRUS/MALWARE.

06/01/13: Woo! Been a while. Added two more links, and... damn it, hyperlinks came back. DO NOT CLICK ON THEM! They just make the site get more hits, and show up in more Google searches!

11/08/12: Added sections "Identifying a Scammer" and "Some Words of Advice", adapted from the site Hello Lace.

11/04/12: Removed all hyperlinks to the scam sites so they would not get more hits. Added many more 'possibles', mainly contributed by 25skidoo. Thank you!

09/23/12: Separated the original list into two categories: "Confirmed Fronts" and "Possible Fronts".

07/02/12: Moved links around, added info about bulk order/rating sites according to the list of 200+ scam sites. Thank you, Joe Speakes!

Read all the links in the above post, especially the "complete disregard to even the most basic concern for quality" one.
Just in case you were wanting to buy a wedding dress from them, instead.

Also, shopping on Google Product Search is useless because M*lanoo has paid to be on there: EXAMPLE.


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