December 19th, 2011

Bodyline Chocoberry vs. White Moon Strawberry Chocolate JSK?

I've been eying the pink and beige Chocoberry stuff at BL for a long time, and I was strongly considering buying something with the current shipping. However... like a derp, I decided to browse around Qutieland first. I noticed White Moon using the same fabric with an adorable JSK in pink. I was wondering a couple of things about both items. 

A) How  is the fit and make of the XL size (only one I could wear due to bust size) of the White Moon JSK?

B) How forgiving is the elastic of the skirt in Bodyline's Chocoberry yukata set? Is it really tight? What about the elastic in the lone skirt? I have had major issues with BL's elastic being able to stretch to my waist's size with ease, but then constricting me painfully because the elastic won't stay there. =3=

New Look 6457 Sewing Pattern

If I use suitable fabrics/modifications (like lace, a petticoat etc...) would/could these dresses be Lolita?
If not can anyone point me to a good commercial pattern, please and thanks! I'm hoping to get in lots of practise using free and commercial patterns to get onto a Design and Make Your Own Creations course in Feb '12, and using/adapting a commercial pattern is essential.
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buying from fairy angel or usagiyouhinten and has anyone heard of this brand yet?

Hello dears!
I recently found out about two places that seem to be a lot like closetchild, it's and usagiyouhinten. Both offer international shipping, but before I give it a go, I'd need to know if shipping prices are similar to closet child's?

Also the second shop has clothing from a brand called "A mon avis", and I seem to love their style a lot - has anyone heard of them yet? It's not a lolita brand, their stuff is more like MILK's clothing, and they have many ballet themed items which seems just perfect for me. Do they have a website? (Google didn't want to cooperate in this question.)

Lots of thanks in advance :)

What's Your Favorite Bodyline Purchase?

Collapse )I just saved my favorite bodyline dress from an india ink spill. There was a huge stain in the front. I didn't even realize it was my favorite until I thought " UUUUUUUUUUURRRG! Why couldn't have been any other one" lol
Its a blue jumper dress and it came with a bolero. Sometime, I wear is without a pettie for church.

So I want to know which one is yours?
ART -- Uchuu

Art Posts/ Tumblogs dedicated to lolita art?

I think a year ago I had asked about military lolita after I left from Basic Military Training, but otherwise I've just been lurking until I actually had something to show to the community, hahaa~

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Also, I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a tumblr blog dedicated to lolita art? I would love to check into those too~ I think for now, the only one I know of is anime lolitas.

I'm also not allowed to add tags...?
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