December 18th, 2011

lolita fashion, taobao shopping service

Wanna Your Advice on A Piece of Neck Belt

Today I have been to the local markets for papers, to get a proper thick board as background for my beloved little handcraft works - some necklace that I have made myself based on the materials I have got from taobao, or the good stores local.

Beginning from here, I am spending some time everyday to record down how I got most of these items, with some photos, as an online memory for my hobby.

But first, I have seen some very beautiful porcelain beads with the blue camouflage, then I came up this with Photoshop, and wonder your opinion for this:
Blue Lolita Neck Belt with Bow and Lace
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Lolita on TLC! Well dressed this time!

She's on Geek Love right now! I've only caught a few glimpses of her, but she looks fairly well put together in a pink wig and maybe an AP dress (I can't see the print very well).
Thought you guys might want to take a look if it's on where you live, it's not often we get glimpses of our fashion on Weastern T.V., at least not where I live.

She looks much better put together than the last lolita that TLC showed us.


It's during ComicCon, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some more lovely lolis!