December 17th, 2011

Looking for scans and co-ords

I am struggling to find pictures of other peoples co-ords and any scans of the Wonder Trip tartan skirt by Angelic Pretty besides the stock photos on hellolace.

Is it a really unpopular print or something?
I've just bought it, I already have some ideas of what to wear it with but would like some further inspiration.

App magazine for android users

I was randomly searching the android app market yesterday for lolita apps, and while I had to browse through a few apps of questionable taste, I found this gem:
It's a magazine with photos of Japanese street fashion, and there are some very nice lolitas in there! Since it's free, I thought I'd give you all a chance to check it out! Here's the photographer's website:

I believe that you need to download something called Androbook (which is also free) to be able to look at the photos, at least I did.

Hope you enjoy my discovery! :)

ella6361 has found another similar app which can be found here:
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AP outfit <3

Holy Night Soldier [My Annual Christmas Card for 2011!]

 H A P P Y - L O L I D A Y S ! 

Just the other evening I posted a few pictures from the making of this year's Christmas card to Daily_Lolita.
I got such a great response and so many comments about my coord's uniqueness that I thought I should share it here as well! My apologies to the kind folks who have already seen this!

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