December 16th, 2011


Hello! New lolita here with questions about brand replicas.

Hi there! I've been lurking about the lolita community for close to three years, both learning and being broke. I generally know my way around things now, and just purchased a JSK from AP this afternoon after much saving. Now, I'm by no means rich and probably won't be for quite a long time while I'm still in school, so this brand purchase was pretty much a one time thing for me. A friend of mine linked me to DOL/CLOBBA online, which has several brand replica dresses for sale. They look really nice, almost like the real thing, AND they're cheap, AND they offer custom sizing, so I immediately want to be skeptical. That all seems too good to be true.

You know, like thatonetimeIorderedfromEbayandgotmajorlyscrewedover. Is that a reputable site, and are their dresses considered good quality in general? If any of you ladies have ordered from them in the past, could I get some transaction details?

Thank you so much in advance. ♥

PS: For those of you that have ordered from AP's US site, how long did it take for order confirmation and overall shipping?
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CC Reservation through AP International

So this morning I wandered over to AP international out of curiosity, thinking maybe they'd have Chess Chocolate up. I didn't think they did reserves there, but thought it was worth a look. It was, they did, and I was stoked~! I successfully checked out with my style and color of choice (accessories were sold out though, bummer), but I had a few questions.

In my order status, it shows my payment for the shipping as paid, but my payment for goods as unconfirmed. Paypal shows both as completed. Do I need to wait for a confirmation from AP that I successfully reserved the dress before they clear the charge? It went from available to sold out after I purchased, but no telling if someone else was able to snap it up while I was in check out! I did receive the automated order confirmation email, though.

Thanks for reading! This is my first time ordering from AP, and my first AP dress! X3

Edit: Not long after Saturday business hours began, my payment was confirmed and I received an email thanking me for payment, and that my item would be on it's way (on the 26th hehe). Thanks all!
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I was told to post this here.

This is a bit embarassing it considered wrong or stupid or something if you buy so called 'replicas' or off brand lolita clothing because it's cheaper? And are there any other cheap websites for brand clothing other than Closet Child that may be in English? I'm really starting to think you need to be rich to buy all these Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Searching Stock Pictures

Hello ^^
I'm searching for stock pictures for
Innocent World Cherub and Roses Skirt
Innocent World Cherub and Roses Socks
Innocent World Cherub and Roses Headband
Innocent World Cherub and Roses Bag

Can somebody help me out? I searched on Hellolace, on lolibrary and on flickr (of course google, too) but I can't find some :(

Thank you <3