December 15th, 2011

Am I the Only One Think About a Lolita Jacket?

Hello, everyone, my sincere regards to you. I am close to newbie here, and most of the time, I just watch your posts. You are so active! I did learn a lot of tips from your posts.

The truth is, I am not long in lolita yet, got a cotton skyblue jumper with blouse earlier, which is my first set. So here is the thing: I wanna show in public in lolita clothes more, and wonder whether it's alright to get a lolita jacket for winter? I am not very skinny and afraid of coldness, so the dress is close to pass - never wear a dress before in winter. I do envy you who do that though :)

I am looking at a simple style pink lolita jacket with a removable cape, and it's within my budget.

Pink White Sweet Lolita Jacket with Cape

Photo's copied from the site.

I am hesitated, because seems no one's talk about jackets. Is that out of the realm? Would I look strange if I am the only one?

Thanks, and sorry for something so basic.
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Lolita Fox (Art)

Here's a cute little lolita fox I drew up. I've been thinking of doing a line of charms of her. I thought you guys might like to see her!

She enjoys sweet and classic styles, and is trying to learn to sew her own pieces. 
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She also needs a name, any ideas?
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Rocking Horse Shoes

I´ve been thinking about buying a pair of rocking horse shoes lately, since I´ve become strangely attracted to them, and I´ve been wondering a couple of things..

How comfortable are rocking horses (with a foam sole) compared to plateau shoes? I´m wearing plateau shoes usually.

Which are more comfortable: Tea Parties or rocking horses?

And where will I get the best quality if they´re not supposed to be real Vivienne Westwoods or some other expensive brand like that?? :)

Fan plus Friend Lace

One of my friends gave me one of her old lolita-ish shirts, and it could be really cute if I got rid of some of the lace. The problem is that the lace is very securely attached, and all the seams that I can use to remove the lace are hiden inside other seams. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get the lace off without damaging the cloth. (the lace is on the collar, which is a peter pan.)
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Brands for after lolita?

I am planning on gradually phasing out of lolita, and I was hoping for some recommendations for brands with a similar aesthetic, but a more mature look. I have been into classical lolita for over a decade, and I love the style, but I am just starting to feel uncomfortable while wearing it (and it is so formal that I find myself wearing it only a couple times a month). I don't plan to sell anything, just only buy really special things and gradually buy more from less flamboyant brands. I am looking for Japanese brands around the same price point of classic lolita (not Dior prices, but not H&M either). I am also open to girly style western designers, and I enjoy Milly, Jill Stuart (although I really prefer her Japan-only designs), Nanette Lepore, and RED Valentino. I really like Jane Marple (of course), but I am also interested in brands like Franche Lippee and even Tsumori Chisato (and associated brands). I know a lot of the lolitas on Livejournal have either expanded their style or slowly grown out of lolita into other styles, so I would be thankful for your brand recommendations!