December 14th, 2011

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are there...Gretel Boots replicas?

For some reason I am convinced that there was a group order/pre order for them, but the more I look, the more futile it seems... so am i crazy or just bad at google-fu?

The boots in question are innocent world's Gretel short boots. I don't have a link since im on my phone right now.

Thank you for your help!

Anyone received their invoice for the IW New Year's Lucky Pack?

I reserved a  New Year's Lucky Pack with Innocent World the day they went up on the site. I received an email from them a day or two later, stating about the price error and to see if I wanted to keep my reservation. When I responded to them that I was fine with the new price and wanted to go ahead on reserving the set, they told me that they won't start sending the invoices out until sometime around the 8th of December. Well it is now the 14th and I have not heard anything from them. I know they are busy right now due to the holiday sales and Lucky Packs, so I am wondering if I should email them or just wait it out a little longer.

So, for those of you who ordered a New Year's Lucky Pack, have you received your invoices?
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Lolita Christmas art

I was wondering if anyone had some free to use (with credit given) lolita art out there. I need to make a special Christmas card for a friend and I would love to have some lolita art to go on it (she is getting her first lolita item for Christmas!). Not looking to have anything commissioned but something you may have already done that you don't mind me using :) thanks!
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Innocent World help:

I was wondering how long do they normally take to contact you once you have sent payment? It's been almost a week and I know it is christmas season so they will have more customers, but I don't know if I should email them or not (it's my first order with them)
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Lolita blog list

I remember seeing a list of lolita related blogs somewhere here on EGL community, but I couldn't find it anymore, does it still exists? And, if not, do you have some good lolita blogs I can follow?
Thanks in advance :)
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Bodyline recommendations for a 32" waist?

So I recently made my first purchase from bodyline- a pair of shoes and a skirt

The shoes are wonderful and fit perfectly <3
The skirt, which was suppose to have a max size of 90cm/35" does not fit. I can get it on and closed, but it looks pretty awful (.... on me. on it's own, it's adorable and I am rather heartbroken it doesn't fit)
I am looking to go back and buy some new skirts for xmas, but now I am rather wary of trusting their sizing on size >.>; I know they have a size 2T that usually have bigger waists, but a lot of the skirts I am looking at do not come in that size. 

Does anyone know from personal experience which bodyline skirts would comfortable fit a 32"/82cm waist? There are a few skirts with 82cm max sizes, but seeing as I didn't fit in one that had a 90cm max listed, I am a little wary of trusting them now.
If there is anyone out there around my size that could recommend skirts (or jsk's?) that fit you, I'd very much appreciate it!
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DoL sizing question

Hello everyone!
I've a question about the sizing of the AP replicas from Dream of Lolita. I've been thinking about getting the Milky Planet OP from Clobbaonline, but I'm a little confused about the sizing. Their size chart states that M has a 75cm waist, but does this mean that it's the max measurement with the shirring fully stretched or what? I would be very thankful if anyone could provide me with information about this!
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Another question about storage - clothes rails

Hi everyone!

I have a quick question about clothes storage and I couldn't find answer on the forum.
I have a small built in wardrobe in bedroom and slowly I start running out of space for my dresses and winter coats ^^
I can't buy new wardrobe for my bedroom, I only have limited space in my small craft room. I was thinking about buying clothing rail and hang dresses on it. That would save me money and space :)

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Gothic Lolita Wig's New Curly Bob?

Debated posting this in the lolita hair community, but it's pretty dead there, sooo....

Has anyone purchased a wig from GLW's new line of curly bobs? I'd love to hear some reviews and/or see some worn photos. They released one promotional image of it worn, which looked gorgeous, but I did see one photo of a buyer wearing it and it looked quite different. So I'm really curious to see more pictures.
Zorak in a Wig

Help planning a Tokyo trip!

Hiya egl! corfina and I will be visiting Tokyo from January 5th to the 11th. It will be my second trip to Tokyo and her first. We're looking for some suggestions and places to visit. We have a pretty big list so far, but a couple of free days on our schedule.

  • Lolita friendly/"weird" bars and clubs
  • Some kind of performance - neither of us are fluent in Japanese so something involving dance would be best
  • Purikura booths - I couldn't find any on my first trip to Tokyo, does anyone know of any around the places we'll be visiting
  • Themed restaurants
  • Any bizarre "must see to believe" places
  • Unusual museums - I went to the Parasite Museum and the Museum of Crime and Punishment last trip and they were excellent!

    We'd also love to meet up with any lolitas who will be in Japan at that time! Thanks for your help!

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