December 13th, 2011

Any Irish Lolitas out there?

I've recently started out on a mission of finally getting a lolita wardrobe together, after falling in love with the fashion about two years ago and am now looking to find some other Irish lolitas, to meetup with or just chat to :)

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How many of us DON'T use wigs?

It's been quite a while that wigs have been the norm in lolita. Personally, since I have extremely thick hair (trust me, my hairdresser gave up on blow drying my hair after and hour and a half on high heat because it still wasn't dry!) the idea of wearing more hair on top of what I already have is a bizarre concept to me. I don't judge anyone else for wearing them or not, but can't imagine myself wearing one. Since I rarely see others here without one, I sometimes feel like I'm in weird for it. 

I wonder who else here doesn't wear wigs and what your reasons are. In addition to the insane thickness, I also have great pride in my natural black hair color which I don't want to cover up.  
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Knitted Items?

Hello! I have a close friend who is a Lolita and I'd like to make her something by hand for Christmas. She wears Sweet Lolita mostly, though she does wear a darker style now and then. It doesn't quite reach into Gothic, but it's not dark enough to be Kuro.

So I was wondering if there are any knitted items that Lolitas wear, or anything you would wear that could be modified as a knit? Because, being pretty much a typical guy, I have little clue as to fashion, let alone a fashion mostly worn by girls and women. I've been on a few sites (and I'll get a good laugh if any of my family see my search history and find all the pictures of dresses and accessories) but so far I haven't come across anything that I could make. I haven't seen any images of Lolitas wearing knitted items, but surely there have to be some knits that you would wear? I'm hoping so, or else my idea is going to fall through.

From what little I've picked up in the past hour of searching, I know that legwarmers and armwarmers are out. I cannot sew (mostly because every time I push the needle through the fabric and it gets too near my finger, my brain goes crazy and makes me feel like I just fell off a cliff. Don't even get me started on sewing machines.) so knitting is my only option. I'd like to make something that she could wear, but I'm not sure which items would be good for a Lolita to wear, or what style to make them in. Thick wool? Thin wool? Fuzzy, fluffy, smooth, soft, marshmallow wool, regular wool, 8 ply, single colour, mulitcolour? Tight knit, loose knit? I'm totally lost on it. If any of you are knitters and could link me to some patterns that I can take a look at, that would be nice.

I don't even mind if you know nothing about knitting - I'll be fine if you just name one or two knitted items that you wear with your co-ords.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)
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Lolita time ^^

Bodyline help?

Hey there,

I need some hel with contacting Bodyline...
Lately i have bought some Lolita shoes of their site... about 2-3 weeks ago...
I wore the shoes 3 times and now... the front sole is comming off...
It's not supposed to happen ne?
So thats why i want to contact Bodyline and ask what they will do.
The only problem is... once you go to their contact page, you can fill in the form, but you can;t pus the submit button.

My question is, does anyone know what to do now?
or does anyone have contact of Bodyline...

if you need to see the damage please ask, i have the picture but not uploaded it yet...

I hope to get some usefull help so that i can get out of this nasty situation...