December 12th, 2011


Department Stores...

Hello there. I just joined this group being I do want to get into the Lolita fashion. I've done my research for the most part and understand how the fashion works and such. But buying the clothes, well, that's a bit of a problem but I'll worry about those things later.

To me, it's the important accessories I want to get out of the way first before shopping for the dresses and skirts and what not. So my question is this: Do they sell petticoats and bloomers at department stores like Belk, JCPenny’s or Macy’s? I’m not sure if this question was already answered or not, but I couldn’t find any past topics on this matter in the search or memories. 

Steampunk Doll ~ Autumn

Hello everybody!^^ I want to show you a steampunk photoshoot, that we took in autumn) Yes, I know it's winter now, but I've been so busy recently, that completely forgotten to upload it here) I have never posted photoshoots here before, I hope you will enjoy it! ^_^ Full size and photographer's gallery is here:

Collapse )
AP outfit <3

Shoe photo request! SS 9828 "Thick Sole Lace shoes"

Hey, everyone! 

   A quick photo request- does anyone have pictures of Secret Shop model 9828 worn? They're the platform with thin, heart-ended laces that wrap very far up your pretty leg. (I would attach a picture for your convenience but I'm on my phone!)
   Any color will do, I would just like to see the shape on an actual foot- some stock photos have an odd tube shape in the shoe... Much unlike a lady's leg. Any other information such as the shoe running small/large, your opinion on the shape, etcetera would be very helpful to me!

Thank you very much in advance!

Looking for a specific magazine scanned image

In 2009 (I believe), I saw a picture from a magazine with a coordinate that featured AP's Tiered Bouquet Jumperskirt (Picture of mine here: I got the dress because I found the coordinate to be inspirational but I looked through all my saved pictures and couldn't find the coordinate. I think it was for a spread and I think it was either from Kera or Alice Deco but I went through my Alice Deco scans and couldn't find the coordinate.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about and has the picture, I'd love it if you'd comment here with it!

Thank you so much in advance.