December 11th, 2011

  • lafarat

Bodyline's L387

So, with Bodyline pushing out 90 dollar dresses and their 5 dollar shipping deal having replaced the 1 dollar shipping, I wanted to take a look at their new stock, and see if anything they had wasn't terrible. I had heard rumors that they had started to drift down the road back to producing ita-tastic things again, and I am a sucker for looking at hideous dresses. In addition to discovering that BL is becoming addicted to tartan and plaid in some truly 'interesting' color combinations, I came across this...thing. I honestly cannot tell if it's a train wreck or not.

Warning, one large picture beneath.

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Interview with Midori!

For those of you who don't follow us regularly, we've been conducting a series of translated English interviews with Lolita and other Japanese style icons and posting them to our web site, starting with some of the models you recognize from KERA and the GLB.  We've previously posted Q&A's with Misako Aoki and AKIRA, and today we just posted our Q&A with Midori!  Check it out!

We'll be continuing this series with people from different aspects of the fashion industry as time goes on, so please keep watching for more!
Shiro Loli

CoruscateUnique on Etsy?

Is CoruscateUnique on Etsy legit? I'm usually prety good at spotting shady sellers, but here, I'm just not sure. Half their photos have models, and look real, though perhaps just stolen from another site, and the other half look kinda maybe just badly photoshopped, but I'm not about to report them without some proof. Maybe you guys can spot some photshopped brand or TaoBao dresses? Or maybe not? Maybe these guys are real. I'm kind of hoping they are. Their stuff looks good, But it also seems to good to be true.

And, sorry if this shop actually belongs to a member here, it's just when I see anything THAT well and efficiently made being sold on Etsy, I'm immedietly suspicious, LOL.
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Tattoos in Lolita.

I am a pretty heavily tattooed girl and I love dressing in lolita. Recently I've seen some other lolitas talking about how tattoos aren't elegant and they only work if the tattoos match they girls style (mine are all old school style tattoos but my style is sweet). How do you girls feel about a lot of tattoos in lolita? Do not censor yourself because you think I will be offended. I would love to hear everyones opinions.

Edit: Thank you all for replying. I have extreme confidence with my tattoo (except at work because our customers are extremely stuck up and rude). I guess I just let some mean people get to me. My tattoos to not match any style of lolita, but they also do not match what I wear normally. I see it as just being my skin and not my tattoos, because then I would end up limiting myself with what I wear. Thank you for all being honest and supportive. :)