December 9th, 2011

PMX video about Lolitas

I watch a Lolita designer on Facebook and she went to the Pacific Media Expo in California and her and a few other Lolitas were interviewed for a local news station on fashion.
I noticed people on egl seem to lean towards the name brands but I was just wondering what everyone thinks of her dresses :)

The video is from facebook not youtube so I cant get the HTML think thing for a video to pop up T^T hope this is ok
The girl in all the photos is the girl I watch
First girl in the Angelic Pretty outfit was pretty XD

PS: I joined LJ to learn more about Lolita Fashion from here and this is my first post on egl so I hope I did this right
<3 I'm still learning <3
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Needing help/Ideas for a masquerade lolita cord!

Hey Ladies! I need some help coming up with some idea for my school up coming Masquerade ball. Like what dress should i get and where can i get a good mask. also with hair and makeup idea. Has anyone done this before? Pictures? I will prob have to start from scratch because im mainly a sweet lolita so i have no gothic or dark color dresses. THANKS SOOO MUCH