December 7th, 2011

Btssb Store San Fran

I recently bought Alice's Marchin Cookie Flavour in brown when I went to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in San Fransisco and I was wondering if anyone wanted me to do a review for the dress/ store :)

this one :3
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Looking For Designers!

So I've been tasked with locating a few fashion designers to present for the Japan Society in San Diego as part of their new Cultural Program. The person organizing it is the Vice President of the World Trade Center here in San Diego, so it's a pretty good networking and business opportunity.

The designers do not have to be lolita specific, just influenced by Japanese fashion in some way and willing to travel to San Diego to present. If you have any suggestions of non-lolita designers who might be interested feel free to post those as well. Participants would be required to give a small presentation on how Japanese fashion has influenced their designs, and then they would be allowed to hold their own fashion show displaying their work. I really don't have all of the details, so if you have more questions I can forward them along to the event organizer. If you're interested at all just fill out the form below and I'll let him know so he can contact you with more information about it.

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Christmas gifts for Lolitas

Christmas is just behind the corner and everybody is busy picking gifts!

And I have to confess to not knowing what to buy for certain Lolita acquaintances. Now, I'm not asking for help in picking gifts for friends - I know my friends and I know what they'd like to get. 

But I'm going to a Christmas meet, and we'll be having a Secret Santa exchange and I have no idea what to buy! For the past two years my gifts were rather pitiful - I just bought random plushies I'd liked. I really want to pick something Lolita-friendly and... er... neutral? For instance, I recently got into soap-making, and I thought - hey, making a cupcake-shaped soap is such a great idea! Hand-made and useful!  Then I got hit with doubt. What if my recipient hates the aroma I scent the soap with? Or they're allergic to whatever vitamins I put in?

So, um. Any advice? I'm not asking you to reveal whatever you're picking for this year's gift exchanges - but what did you buy previous years? What did you get and liked?

F---, I'm on CGL: A Lolita Parody

(cross posted to my blog)

For over a year, I thought it would be a hilarious idea to write Lolita parodies so we can all laugh at the sometimes ridiculous nature of our subculture. I began by writing an anthem to the Usakumya, but I didn't "widely" release it until I saw how well-received MC Melod¥ Doll's, Throw It In the Bag became. I was extremely surprised when people also liked mine since the quality is so inferior. While my recording equipment is less than amazing, I am still motivated to write these type of songs.

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Remember that that girl...about being a lolita? (Song Found!)

So I have a strange question for you guys. Maybe you can help me and maybe you can't. Awhile ago (probably over a year or more) there was some lolita who posted a song she sang, wrote, etc. to myspace (and maybe youtube? I can't remember now). It wasn't the greatest quality cause you couldn't understand half of what she said and the lyrics weren't the greatest, but it was fun to listen to for some reason. (If you are the song creator, I mean no offense.) I am trying to find that song again, but I can't remember the name of it or who wrote it. It talked about brands and dealing with people staring (or something like that) and how much the singer loved lolita. Does anyone know what song I'm talking about and where I could find it?

Edit: If anyone's interesting in knowing what the song was it's 'Gothic Lolita Tragedy' by Keely Valentine.