December 4th, 2011

Random Lolita spotted in Fresh Meadows, New York

I was on my way to work Friday morning when I spotted a Lolita wearing this Meta jsk:
She also had on a curly wig and black head eating bow. I did a double take because Fresh Meadows is a quiet residential area and it's very unlikely that I would find a Lolita walking around. I couldn't approach her because I was inside a car, but I still wanted to stick my head out the window and yell out "hey Lolita in Meta, you're f-king awesome!". Of course I didn't because I am too shy and didn't want to look like an idiot.

If she is reading this now, I want to tell her that she looks adorable and finally seeing another lolita in my area totally made my day ^__^
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Holiday Sing-a-long

I have just put up my holiday tree and decorations while listening to some holiday songs. I think we need a Lolita version of the 12 days of Christmas* with all the special Loli things. Please post the next line of the song to match the tune as closely as possible.

For inspiration check out the 12 days of:

you get the idea- so ......

"On the first day of Christmas* my true love gave to me a hair-bow from AP"

* Please substitute your own holiday here
Loving cactus!

[Art] Comic book inspired sketches

:) Hello girls~ I hope your day is going well so far! I was browsing back on egl today and I found this post talking about lolita coordinate and superheroes and I realized I've never shared any of my sketches on egl. 

I've started drawing these for fun around March of this year and since I hit the big 40 today design wised, it seemed as good of a time as any to share them ignoring the fact that I'm actually quite terrified of posting on such a big community ehehehe :)
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