December 2nd, 2011

New Layout and December Themes!

Wow, this year flew by fast @_@ The weather here changed very suddenly a couple of days ago, so it feels like summer just ended.

In honor of another holiday season, we're proud to showcase noke89's cute, candy-cane themed art in the header. You can see more of her lovely work at her deviantArt page.

And now for some more information about this month's activities:

The General Theme for December is Gifts.
No matter what holiday(s) you celebrate this season, one thing that holds true across all cultures is that this is a special season for gift-giving! If you have given a gift of lolita joy to your friends or loved ones this month, please share with us!

The Aesthetic Theme for December is Holiday Colors.
This December, holidays come in all colors! Red and green, blue and white, and a whole rainbow of colors that represent every culture's celebration. If you have a coordinate or lolita item that shows off your holiday spirit in these festive colors, this is your month to show it off!

The Contest for December is Decadent Desserts.
Create an edible tribute to your favorite brand, print, or lolita aesthetic theme and submit it to December's contest! The most beautiful (not to mention appetizing!) dessert will win a fabulous prize. Click here for details!
shizuo - durarara!!

Postive Lolita Experiences

So I hear often about bad Lolita experiences, getting called horrible names, people looking down on you, etc..but what about the positive experiences? what about the times a stranger comes up to you and tells you that you look adorable, or what getting someone interested or something? i mean i think it would be nice if we could maybe share our positive experiences even if its something small like walking down the street and someone said nice dress and wasn't sarcastic about it.

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New secondhand lolita shop?! I need your help!

Hello everyone!

I've been seriously considering opening a secondhand lolita shop (online) and now I need your help!
I've started setting the business up, and you would really help me by filling out my survey.

There are 10 questions, so it will only take little of your time!
The results are completely anonymous and will not be shared.

The survey is here

Thank you for your time!

Advise me on this search!

I've been trying to use the search but not much came up and LJ is being really weird for me =|

I was wondeirng if anyone can advise me on the petticoats here?

I SWEAR I saw a review once for their petticoats but for the life of me I can't find it =\

If i'm correct I would need this petticoat What kind of shape would it give me? I'm looking for a cupcake shape.

And does the poof last long? Is it worth the money? D:

Angelic Pretty SF Anniversary Photos

I didn't have a chance to make it out to the AP tea party on the 20th that they had for their anniversary but I was there for special sale day on the 19th. Maki & Asuka were super cute and dashing out before the store opened to peak at the crowd and snap pictures of everyone waiting. RinRin was an absolute doll, posing for pictures, translating for those of us that don't speak Japanese. It was freezing and most of the girls in line only got a couple hours of sleep but it was a lot of fun.

Who else went? Did you have a good time? Also, if you got an online AP luckypack, haven't got it in the mail yet and want it to ge a surprise: beware that there is a luckypack spoiler towards the bottom (although who knows, the online ones may be different from the in store ones)

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