December 1st, 2011

Preparing a Bro-Lita

I have recently met a cross-dresser in college that has a very vested interest in lolita, but he has never worn it in public before. This is a fairly small and fairly conservative small town, so I can understand his initial reservations. I gave him his first few pointers and a basic introduction to the fashion, directing him to here, Hellolace, and Sew_loli, but I couldn't find anything in the Memories about reactions concerning first time bro-litas. I'm scared he might end up being put off by the reactions he might get. He seems like such a sweet boy, and I don't want him to get hurt, so I want to prepare him and warn him properly.

I understand a boy would probably get more of a reaction wearing lolita than a girl, but would it be any different than regular cross-dressing for him? Will the reactions be more severe because he is a boy? I've been called whore out the windows of passing cars in this town while wearing head-to-toe classic, so I wouldn't put it past these people in this small town to get really nasty.

Question: Bodyline shipping!

Alright, so I ordered something from Bodyline a few weeks ago (I think it was around the 18th) and the package wasn't sent out until the 29th. No problem, really. Now though, it says that it's been dispatched from Tokyo on the 29th (I ordered with air shipping) and I normally wouldn't be concerned, except I know one other person has been having this same problem except theirs has been there since the 18th and the tracking hasn't updated and it hasn't arrived.

Should I be concerned?...
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Decadent Desserts December contest!

Time for December's contest!
November contest winners will be posted soon.

Decadent Desserts

Contest Description
Each member may enter up to 5 photos of a single dessert they have created. To enter, choose a brand, company, or print for the dessert to represent. You must only use edible embellishments. Entries will be judged on creative embodiment of a brand/etc, adherence to the Lolita aesthetic, originality, and neatness in construction and decoration.

The Prize
A small sweet handmade jewelry/accessories lucky pack.
Donated by zitronecs.

Contest Period
The Contest begins at the time of this posting and ends on December 31, 2011 at 11:59:59 P.M. Pacific Time (PT).

How to Enter
Post a reply to this posting and include the following:
(i) The title for your entry. Entries without a title will be assumed to be "Untitled".
(ii) Your name as you'd like it listed with your entry.
(iii) Your entry which should include no more than (5) photographs.
(iv) Your contact email.

(i) The contest requires that you be a member of the egl community.
(ii) You must submit you entry during the contest period listed above. Only the first entry per Entrant will be accepted.
(iii) In the case of contests open to groups, only one entry per group will be permitted.
(iv) Members of egl_judges_comm are encouraged to enter but are ineligible to win.
(v) You must own the legal rights to any photos and videos submitted in your entry.

Judging and Selection of Winners
Entries will be judged by the members of egl_judges_comm. In the event that the judges come to a deadlock and are unable to resolve a winner, the final verdict may be determined by one of the following methods: (i) public vote (ii) random selection (iii) cupcake tossing. The judges will contact the winner by email after the contest has ended.

Unless specified, prizes are handled by a third party. egl_judges_comm and egl are not liable for the actions or inactions of third parties.

Best of luck! ♥