November 30th, 2011


Pregnant Lolita

Hey there ladies. I'm sort of a stalker here. I have a few hand made lolita skirts that I wear but I have been planning on making a Jumper for Christmas and well....I found out I was pregnant. I'm about 14 weeks (beginning of 4th month) and I was wanting advise from any of you mothers. I dont really want to give up on my plan and since I have designed it and set aside the money. I shouldnt be too big but what could I do to make it not look too awkward. I'm already planning empire waist so that should help. Any other advise? I would also love to see if any of you ladies have pictures of being pregnant and wearing lolita. Thanks for your time ^_^

Bodyline Shoes (need correct size)

I recently ordered shoes last week from bodyline and i expected them to be the same
size as my own feet = w =
I was wrong, it looked like they fit baby feet
I bought 150cm shoes cuz since my fit are very very small (size 4 in US)

But I guess some people screw up when ordering bodyline shoes for the first = w =
anyway, does anyone kno wut size to choose next time? the size chart is quite confusing to me

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RHS and Kuro Lolita?

Hi girls!
This may seem to be a stupid question but it really bothers me ^^"
As Rocking Horse Shoes have wooden-colored soles, would it be acceptable or not in a Kuro Lolita outfit? Because it's supposed to be all black, but if it's just one detail of the shoes?... Oo
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H. Naoto GRAMM Catalog....

I know H. Naoto Gramm isn't technically lolita, but I figured EGL was probably the most likely to turn up an answer. Does anyone own the H. Naoto Gramm print catalog/book? I'd like to have a few of the photos for reference for a project I'm working on, and I'm looking for scans. Does anyone know of a download link or torrent? 

Thanks ladies!
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