November 29th, 2011


DoL Fantastic Dolly OP?

I've been into lolita since middle school and I've been a member/lurker of egl since high school but I just ordered my first dress from Bodyline last week! I'm glad to finally be on my way to officially being a rufflebutt (and not just in spirit anymore ;3; ). I wanted to start out buying Bodyline and replicas before I start jumping into spending money on the bigger brands.

Anyway, to the point. I've seen reviews and photos of the DoL Fantastic Dolly JSK and skirt (since that's all the search gives me), but I haven't seen anything about the OP! I'd really really love to have it in red!

Does anyone have it? If so, I'd like to hear what you think of it, how nicely or not so nicely it poofs, and worn pictures would be so awesome and great.

I'm not so worried about comparisons to the original (It's a given a replica won't be as good and I really don't need it to be just like the original. Trust me, I won't even notice a little mistake in DoL's version of the print!). I want to know how it is as a dress on its own. :)

Thanks a lot in advance!
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A Lolita Travel Guide

So around the time of winter break and summer vacation we get a lot of posts saying "Hey I'm traveling to this place, where are some stores in the area that have lolita type things?" So I figured we can make one huge post for the memories of what there is to do in your area of the world that would relate to lolita.
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Need help drafting a pattern from a dress!

Hi all,

I have what is probably a dummy question. I wanted to know if anyone has any tips for drafting a pattern from an existing dress (without damaging it, of course).

I recently purchased the Angelic Pretty Berry-chan JSK, but suffice to say... The waist ties are more of underbust ties and the knee-length skirt is shorter than my petti's hiked as high as I can get them. I also want it in non-standard colors like orange/peach and lavender. A seamstress friend of mine also wants to make one in her non-standard measurements and asked me for a pattern so she could make one for each of us to our individual measurements and to accommodate our evil busts.

To give a hint of how non-sewy-crafty I am, let's just say I wouldn't feel safe operating a sewing machine without thimble-fingered gloves and an adult supervisor. I have no idea how to make a pattern at all. She's also in another country from me so I would have to send it to her online.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.