November 28th, 2011


(Yet Another) Meta Autumn LP

Hey everyone!

This is my first egl post, so um, hi! I've been a lurker on here for a while, and new to the fashion and all that. I know you guys have seen a bunch of these LP posts already, but I was so excited I wanted to share (as this is also my first real lolita purchase), and I love looking at the items other people received. ♥

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I'll be putting the items I indicated I would sell or trade on egl_comm_sales later today or tomorrow. So if you are interested, keep an eye out!

Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed. ♥

Cyber Monday and Etsy Sales

Etsy sale codes end at end of day Monday November 28th
  • 50% off sale: Use code CYBERMONDAY when you check out to get half off anything and everything in Apatico 
  • Free shipping: Use code magic on any item(s) in Bionic Unicorn
  • 25% off sale: Use code CYBERMONDAY25 to get 25% off of your order Blasphemina's Closet  
  • 15% off sale: Use code ALKALI to get 15% off of your order Scoundrelle's Keep  
  • 20% off everything in the shop for Cyber Monday Louise Black
There are also a few clearance sales (that should stil be there after Monday)
pretty pretty shoes
  • xonii18


Did the Alice and the Pirates print "Name of the Rose" have any accessories? Like necklaces, rings, bracelets, anything like that? I checked hellolace, lolibrary, and the Baby website and didn't see any.

A friend of mine loves the print and I'd like to get her something small for Christmas.