November 27th, 2011

Two Photo Requests

Okay, I have two photo requests.

1) Peach colored dresses. I just received 8 meters of a nice peach fabric from a friend, but I've never seen peach in lolita, just pink and orange.

2) Sweet dresses with almost no lace and no prints. I receive a lot of free fabric from people, in lots of different colors, but lace is expensive and i'm still in highschool, so it's a little tight in the money department right now ^^ So i'm looking for examples of sweet dresses with just fabric type details, such as ruffles and pintucks. Co-ords with such dresses are also appreciated C:

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Bodyline Questions...

Sorry for posting again, but I was wondering about Bodyline's shoe sizings. I've read mixed reviews and apparently the fit varies differently from models (?) So I was wondering if any of you bought these models and if they were true to size. and

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Disneyland meetup photos

I know maroonsparrow already posted a some of her pictures from our Disneyland adventure but I just wanted to share some others I took. I tried to make sure there were no repeat photos so no one got bored. We had such a good time, no problems at all getting into the park and saw so many characters/went on so many rides in such a short amount of time. :)

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