November 26th, 2011

Just another lolita blog

Hallo girls and boys~

I was looking to advertise my personal blog here,
I dabble in mostly classic sweet lolita as well as trying
to incorporate lolita style into casual daily wear.


Please take a look if you are interested, I do post about
other non-lolita related things like food (especially sweets!)
and such too. Hopefully it's exciting enough to follow~!

Thankyou <3

Which came first? And a few questions.

I've been searching through the items in Bodyline and QutieLand, and came across something. I saw a bodyline skirt and a qutieland (specifically white moon) jsk and op with the same print!
Here is the link to the skirt:
And to the JSK:
So I was wondering, which released the print first?

Also, is QutieLand reliable?
And how long does Bodyline usually take to ship? Do you have to pay for customs?
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