November 24th, 2011

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F+F sizing advice

I would like to order the Bustle Skirt from Fan+Friend:

However, I hear that F+F often makes things on the big side. Certainly, when I ordered a shirt from them this summer, the shirt was the big side. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone else has bought this skirt or similar type skirts and if they could recommend a size for a UK size 12?

Thank you!
Princess Tiana


Ok, So i'm need serious need of a new Wallet. And I can't decide on a cute wallet to get that reflects my love for Alternative Fashions.

So Girls/guys show me your cute wallets and inspire me! I'm really wanting something cute to go with my Sweet Lolita theme sense it's the style that looks best on me(or a Gyaru like wallet haha). But I would like to see what everyone's wallets look like! :D
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Bodyline Reviews and Names Wanted!

Hi people! I'm currently making a little wishlist of what I'd like to buy with my Christmas money and I have a lot of Bodyline on it. I want to check everything out first and make sure it's okay quality or else I'd rather buy something else. ^^ I was wondering if anyone knew the names of these items? If they have names at all!
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IW LPs are up!

I don't know what to call them since IW can't make up their mind (Happy Christmas Set/2012 New Year Happy Set/Happy Pack 2012?), but they are up--

A Set (probably ¥31,500, but listed as ¥21,000??):

B Set (¥52,500):

There should be at least one coordinated outfit in there including a JSK or OP and blouse, but the size, colors, dress length and any other details are a secret.

**Also, IW doesn't expressly say this but I'm guessing the LPs won't be shipped out until around the end of December.