November 23rd, 2011

Rapunzel, Tangled

I still haven't received my other Bodyline order :/ getting worried now

I placed three orders for Bodyline, two of the 2nd and one of the 3rd. My last two orders have come however my first Bodyline order still has not arrived. I thought I'd give it another week for it to arrive after my other orders got here but I still have not received it. My first order was my most expensive one as well as I ordered a dress and a pair of shoes. This sort of thing has never happened to me before, should I email Bodyline asking about it? What is Bodyline's email? HELP! Please...
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J-fest @ Moscow 19/11


On November 19, the Central House of Artists in Moscow was swarmed with visitors. Japanese embassy in Moscow was organizing a large event to honour the help Moscow goverment provided in the aftermath of the March earthquake. In the past two years the event was called J-pop Day, since it was largely devoted to the Japanese pop-culture - anime, music, fashion. This year, however, a large portion of the event was dedicated to the efforts of combating the earthquake aftermath.

The focus shifted off Lolita and towards other things, like art and documentaries, but it was still a very fun event, totally out of tune with  other Russian cons, and, in my book, all the more exciting for it.

J-Fest lasted for two days - on Saturday Gothic&Lolita Festival held a special show along with a small brand (Chantilly, Putumayo and another brand I didn't recognize) show and Ash hair salon hair-making performance (models of which wore Baby, and, boy, the newest prints are neat). On Sunday there was a Lolita Queen (I know, I know) and cosplay contests.

JustMoolti, our most amazing photographer, hung out mostly with us, so I have a ton of our photos. 

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