November 22nd, 2011

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Bodyline & ethics?


I kind of 'boycott' Taobao now when it comes to clothing/shoes, they have absolutely great things for cheap but I read somewhere on a blog that chances were high products from taobao are made in sweatshops/with child labor and such.
When I recently bought something from Bodyline, I saw "Made in China!!" and I kind of freaked out. I love Bodyline, but I'm afraid their products aren't only cheap because of the bad quality for a niche market or something (and it isnt so niche considering it also focusses on punk/cosplay/weird sunglasses). Of course, I never saw the factory Bodyline things were made in. I doubt anyone of you have seen it. But I still wonder, what are your thoughts about this?

Thanks in advance for your reply

PS I now see the other topic about this, even though its more about brand instead of Bodyline/taobao

Black Friday Sales
BABY SF's 30 to 40% off Winter Sale will start at 11AM on Black Friday, November 25th
The sale will continue until all the sale items are gone.
* SEX POT ReVeNGe t-shirt sale - all regular (not custom) SPR t-shirts will be priced at $25!
* All Hellcat Punks and MAXICIMAM items 10% off!
* Selected items from various other brands also 10% off! 
These sales are good for one day only (Friday, November 25th), and will be good online or in-store (starting 1 PM ET).

There will be a Black Friday sale! 15% off the hime wigs AND a discount code for 15% off everything!
So that means, 30% off the hime wigs!
Angelic Pretty USA In Store Sale through 11/25/11 ~ 11/27/11
Store hours: 11:00AM ~ 7:00 PM Selected items – 30% ~ 50% OFF (Lots of Printed Dresses!!)
Novelty Fair is still going on!! (Limited quantity left)
The first 10 customers who buy any item (including sale items) will receive additional 5 stamps on their stamp card!!
Online Sale will start from 11/26/11 12:00AM PST
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November Contest and Reminders!

Just a reminder there is about 1 week left for our egl November contest. The prize is a fantastic $100 store voucher for F+F so don't miss this opportunity and get entering!
Contest details are here:

Also we are currently looking for more donations towards future contests. If you believe you have something suitable and would like to offer it up, please don't hesitate C:!
Prize Donation form is here:

And lastly, we are still on the lookout for for a new judge to join the contest committee.
Judge Application details are here:

That's all from us over at the egl_judges_comm!
Any questions please ask here C:

Thanks! ♥

Milk-chan and Snow Strawberry Prink JSK Question

Hello Everyone,

I have a quick question! I was wondering if any part of the print on Milk-chan and Snow Strawberry Prink JSK runs I own it in white and was planning on wearing it for the holidays but it is wet outside most the time. I was wondering if it were to get wet would the print run? 

I have checked the memories and searched it but if this has been talked about before, I am sorry,

Thank you in advance for you help. :D

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Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has ever bought from the cute gyaru shop Dreamv on rakuten. It sells super cute shoes especially in the Princess section that would look great with a pastel-ly sweet lolita coord, fairy, or hime loli at fairly low prices. The shoes look great, but I've read some of the reviews (ahem put them in google translate cough cough) and often times they say the shoes are uncomfortable and hurt. I think, either google translate failed miserably or one review said they were given the wrong color of shoe! I wanted to know if anyone has ever bought from them before, and if they are really good or not.
Here's an example of the kinds of cute shoes they have, this would look cute with hime lolita: