November 21st, 2011

Handwashing lolita

I am a newer Lolita and well, I am finally getting to handwashing my lolita. So here's the problem, I forgot the handwashing directions(if there even were any!)!! And when I put the dress in hot water i noticed the dye was coming out, and i well, freaked out, and now it is hanging outside to dry ;(

So here is my point...
1- did i take the best course of action for my dress..?

(It is a coughcoughmilanoodresscough) I got it back when i knew nothing more than the fact I liked the fashion, I thought Baby was the only brand. And alas, I hadnt heard of Bodyline!!! Those were dark days indeed! :)
So knowing where I got it might help you-well me, or might help you help me....^^
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Tokyo Shopping

Hi, everyone!
I just have a question for you all :) My brother is going to Tokyo next week, and I'm asking him to get me a little brand, since I'm no where near the only U.S. shops. So, he will be in Harajuku, but I can't figure out if BABY has a store there, or if the shop in Laforet, Harajuku is only AAtP.
Thank you all so much! (I hope this hasn't been asked--I didn't find anything searching).

Bonnets and Tutorials! Need a bit of help..

So, I've been putting together a Christmas inspired coord in my mind, but I lack the sewing skills to make it come to life. Are their any tutorials on making a general lolita style skirt? Also, are their any tutorials for bonnets? Or maybe you know somebody who makes nice bonnets? Or maybe perhaps you even have a white bonnet that you wish to get rid of?! All of these are possibilities. Help an unskilled teenage lolita create a Christmas coord worthy of stepping out into public! P.S Places to get fabrics with nice festive prints would be nice. They don't even have to be online, just anywhere.
Please and Thank you!