November 20th, 2011

Bodyline's Design Contest?

I was wondering about this, and the last entries about it on EGL are from about two years ago. I saw a fairy print on there the other day that was the best of September and I was wondering what happened to it. Will they reproduce it? What happens to the designs that are featured? It would be nice to see bodyline put out some more classically inclined prints, or gothic prints being accepted if designed. (Am I the only one excited by those music note boots?)

Do you folks have any information on it?
Much obliged.

Qutieland Major Delay?

I ordered from qutieland around august 13th

and qutieland delayed my package 3x now?(becuz of a trip, wedding, and holiday im guessing)

I see people still order from there (and they are getting there package

right on time) and the shop is selling more stuff

What I want to know is anyone going through this right now?

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I feel like they aren't worn as much any more. I always thought they were cute, and really one day I'd like to coordinate an outfit with a heart-shaped or teddy bear-shaped apron one day or something. . . I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of lolitas with aprons in their coordinates for inspiration? Also, I was wondering if there are some things about aprons I could avoid to save my outfit from failing (BlackxWhite color combos may make me look like a maid, etc). And, now that I think about it, does Bodyline sell (decent please) aprons? Or any other inexpensive shopping site? Thanks, sorry for all the questions~!
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