November 19th, 2011

Question! Ordering from Baby?

So uh, I'm not sure if it's this is the right place to post this and this is my first post here, and I'm not very familiar with LJ so if I do something wrong tell me lol.

So, right now my issue is ordering from Baby. I'm relatively new to lolita and the only "brand" I've bought before is from Bodyline so I was really excited to purchase something from BtSSB, but I'm having some issues.

First, I tried mail ordering the item via email, and they kept on telling me to resend the email bladiblabla. The third time I sent the email, they replied that I can only use the shopping cart for sale items. Ok, fair enough.

So I go to the item, fill out the information (size, color, etc) and click the big pink button that says "ADD" at the bottom. It then sends me to a pink box with Japanese in it which according to Google Translate says they're sold out.

Only problem is, on the main page of the product, it states the color/sizes that they're sold out of. The color/size I want isn't sold out.

I then tried it with a bunch of other products on the site, and the same thing happens! Two of my friends tried it when I told them about it, and one of them said it did the same thing to her.

I already asked /cgl/ and they had no idea what was going on, I've tried emailing Baby about it and they just say to try to order it again. This has been going on for the past 2 weeks and I'm really sort of disappointed, because I was really looking forward to getting the product. :/

By the way the thing I'm trying to buy is in PinkxOffwhite in L.

Any help would be appreciated, and once again if I did something wrong, let me know because I'm clueless! <3

Bodyline Shoe Sizing

Hello there. I've been wondering about this for a while now. I have been looking around egl about Bodyline shoes, and I have some idea of how the sizing works. I'm just a still a little unsure about it. I've never ordered shoes from Bodyline or anywhere else, so I want to get it right the first time. I'm going to get either shoes 251 or 256 (Incase one is sold out in the preferred colour of my shoe size). I am somewhere between an 8 ~ 81/2 in US/Canadian shoe size. And my feet are around 24.5 cm. I have slightly wider feet, but I fit into almost any kind of shoe of my size. 

So if someone who has the same shoe size as I do or has good experience with Bodyline shoes and knows a lot about Bodyline shoe sizing could help, that would be great. I'm also wondering about their socks. :3
~ Thank you!

Bodyline Jacket Thingy Question!

I was wondering if anyone had this from Bodyline it says bust is 86 cm but i was wondering if it could go more than that? Like what kind of fabric is it because it looks like it's very stretchable? I'm wanting to get it for a friend and I wanna know before I order it for her.

edit: Editted because she asked me about a dress. And sense i'm not as Lolita Savy as everyone else and might mistakingly tell her to get something when she'll  be labeled an ita. She wants to buy this in black. But I'm unsure of whether or not to tell her to go ahead with the buy?
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Ruki Zy 50

Petti with minimal poof

I'm still getting used to everything and have only gone out in loli once in public, and was looking for a bit of advice. I bascially have a fairly long A-line petti ( ), which when I roll up and pin, gives more of a cupcake shape and quite a large amount of poof. I really love it but I think at this stage I'm not too comfortable at wearing out much just yet aside from at meets. (Also my petti is a bit too large for my jsk and one of my skirts.)

So, does anyone have any good reccommendations for pettis with a small amount of poof for more everyday purposes? Something that'll give my skirts a bit of life but not too overwhelming. Maybe something A-line (my preferences tend to lean towards classic so maybe it would be a bit more appropriate?)

Something not too expensive either, the max I'd rather spend would be up to £25-30. And also if there's something to that description that I can find in the UK that would be even better, since I don't think I can make a big online order anytime soon (although maybe I'm asking for a bit too much right now >.>;).

Also, would someone care to explain the purpose of pettipants? They're cute but I don't quite understand what they're for. Are they just a frillier alternative for bloomers?

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!

(Edit: I tried to tag the post but it wouldn't let me, >.> is that supposed to happen?)
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Seller check?

I've seen this wig being sold by a couple other sellers on various sites, but I wanted to ask if anyone had bought from this particular eBay seller before:

The seller goes by "shoesstore_lee"

Edit: QUERY HAS BEEN ANSWERED. Thanks for the advice. Will buy this from shopping service.