November 18th, 2011


Circle Lens Poll~

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Hey guys! I run pre-orders for circle lenses, but I've been thinking about keeping some in stock just in case. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking a little poll so I have a good idea on what colors and styles people like :3 **edit** I forgot to put gray as an option for colors D: Well if you like gray, I would put that in the Brown/Black category, and you can choose that for the poll ^_^;

Poll #1795853 Circle Lens Poll~ Please only pick one option per question :3

What colors do you like best?

Pinks / Purples
Blues / Greens
Browns / Black
Unique Colors like Red/Gold

What types of patterns do you like best?

Simple (like the nudy series)
Unique/Intricate (criss cross patterns, flowers, etc)
Naural 3-Tone Gradients

Do you prefer Natural or Unnatural/Bold Lenses?


i'm expanding ...

... my loli wardrobe that is ... I  don't know where to start though ... i really want to do some handmade things ... what do you think is the most essential, non petti/bloomer, piece of fashion for any lolita ... this can include jewelry or clothes or anything ... please help me !!!!!
-- Hime Black Onyx
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A nice, inexpensive camera?

Hello everyone!
I've been saving my money up lately to by myself lots of things, and a better camera is one of them. However, I really don't need anything special, just something to take outfit posts/meetup and con pics with, that kind of thing. I was searching around but there were so many to choose from and I got so confused. . . so I would like some recommendations please! I really just need a pretty simple digital camera, nothing too fancy, and maybe I'll try to find it used to lower the price hehe... Well~ what camera do you prefer that didn't kill your wallet? Thank you very much!
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Lolita in Music video?

  So, I was watching Selena Gomez's "Hit the Lights" music video and around the 0:43 mark a girl in the screen is wearing a poofy skirt. I'm sure its a long shot, as they only show her once and she isn't wearing a loli blouse, but it caught my eye. I feel like this little clip is letting the mainstream world get used to loli a bit. What do you think?
Here's the link, it doesn't work in some countries, so if your one of them, I'm sorry.
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Bodyline Skirts

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