November 16th, 2011


dyeing pink?

Hi, i've got a quick question. I searched and i mostly found pertaining to dyeing lace. I have a top i bought a while ago. Its not really lolitaish but works great under a jsk. But my problem is that its a blaring white. The jsk i have is a mint green and most of the things i'll buy in the future will go with pink. So my question is this, i want to dye it a baby pink. The fabric is very…… coarse. Something that probably wouldn't cost more than$ 5, i suspect one would be able to buy the fabric at places like wal mart (though it suits my purposes just fine) any help or advice? I've never dyed clothes before so i would like some input :]

edit: The woman I commissioned to make it said the top was made out of Cotton with a bit of polyester.

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edit: This is the color I want to dye my top hope this link worked =x

Rapunzel, Tangled

Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry print by BTSSB

Hey, I recently purchased the print in sax and going through a busy train station in it someone spilt a bit on hot chocolate on it. I luckily noticed what was happening straight away and managed to minimise the damage to a few drops of hot chocolate on the skirt.
I've searched through the old entries for anything about washing that print, however the only thing I've found is this post: Where someone answered but not specific to that print and nothing was said about whether or not it worked. Also it is not included in the List of What Can & Can't be Washed.
So I was wondering if anyone has/had that print and whether it was possible to hand wash it or must it be dry cleaned?

Thank you :)
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2011 Autumn Meta Lucky Pack

2011 Autumn Meta Lucky Pack
Just got my 2011 Autumn Meta Lucky Pack

I'm happy that I got matching black Fruit Punch hat, JSK/wrist cuff, socks (but of course I already had those same socks from my last Meta LP).
I will have to see if the mint bolero works with anything I have already.
And I was hoping for the round bag, just not sure about the bright blue color.
The Pink x Black or Pink x Brown round bags would go with more items in my wardrobe.


Would anyone be interested?

I posted a few months back about Korean brands and thought about buying another dress from Apricot:
I wanted to know if other people would be interested in ordering from them because I thought that maybe I'd do a group order if enough people seem interested. The items available for ordering are the ones that say "order" and the ones that say "order off" are items that are no longer available. The owner MIGHT make a dress that says "order off" if she can find the fabric but last time I asked her to make a dress, let's just say that she didn't respond in the nicest manner. She did do custom sizing for me last time and if I remember correctly, she does custom sizing in general but I can't promise that.
If enough people are interested (meaning at least 5 people), I'll make a group order page and post on egl_comm_sales. I'm thinking about limiting it to US only unless if there are enough overseas people interested as well.

Please comment if you would be interested in buying something from Apricot :)

Bodyline question

Hello! I'm going to do my first purchase in Bodyline and I'm interested on getting some rocking horse shoes, but I'm not sure about which size I should get.
My feet measure exactly 25 cm, so my first guess was going with 245 or 250 but I have read that there are variations depending shoe type and other stuff.

So I was wondering if anyone could share experiences with their RHS? or any advice would be very welcome, I don't want to get a wrong size ><

Also, does anyone has this petticoat? how is the puff? worn pictures by itself would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance (please excuse any mistake in my english).

Is This a Good Idea?

For AP Art History we have to come up with a creative way to teach a chapter. I chose the rococo era because I've read in more then one place of how the rococo era influenced the lolita fashion. So I was thinking of making a video that links lolita fashion with the rococo era. 
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Tampa Florida casual Lolita Twilight Meetup!

Hey, EGL!

I'm going to the 1:45 pm, Novemeber 19th screening of Breaking Dawn. I'll hopefully be bringing my non-loli boyfriend, but I was wondering if anyone would like to come for a really casual Lolita gathering at Westshore Plaza Theater in Tampa, Florida(888-262-4386, if you would like to call the Theater) to see it.

Please comment if you would like to come along. I'm not providing snacks or drinks( or tickets0.o).

Details: Non-loli attire acceptable

Rating is Pg-13

Address of event is

Westshore Plaza

210 Westshore Plaza

Tampa, FL 33609.

The movie starts at 1:45 pm. I hope to see you there!!!!

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November General Theme : Digital Lolita

hi! :) so i was thinking about the general theme for this month, and i was wondering - do you run a video blog/vlog? if so, how often do you update? i don't have a lolita-specific vlog, but i do put meetup videos every so often on my youtube channel. i would love to follow more blogs that have lolita-themed videos!

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doing a quick custom search led me to these previous threads on the subject:

i look forward to seeing your blogs!