November 15th, 2011

Swimmer Headphone Problem

Just a question for those with Swimmer headphones!

I made a big order of Swimmer headphones are resold many of them, but got a complaint from one customer that her headphones didn't work on one side, which I wasn't expecting. So I went through the 3 pairs I have left, and found that ANOTHER of the pairs only had one working side!

After doing some research, I found out this isn't an uncommon problem. But for those who have experienced this, where you able to have them fixed? Where did you take them/how did you fix them?

Thank you!

PS If any of my other headphone-buying customers have had this problem, please let me know. :(
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Tulsa, Oklahoma Lolita Meetup (???)

I've been in love with lolita fashion since I was 14, and now, at the ripe old age of 23, I've finally started collecting and making pieces. I absolutely love going out in loli, but I always wish I had friends that were interested in Lolita. I know there are a few lolis in my area (Tulsa, OK), but all of our communities seem to be dead. So, I'm attempting to plan a meetup!

Are there any lolitas who would be interested in a meetup in the Tulsa, OK area? I'm thinking lunch at Dragon Moon Teahouse, ice-skating, a winter-themed picnic, or even just a mall outing (that damnable merry-go-round always gets me!). I'm only free on Sundays in November, but I'm okay with most December Saturdays. Anyone wanna do this?

Also, I'm up for suggestions! While I've known of and read about lolita fashion for roughly 9 years, I know it's not the same level of experience or knowledge an actual seasoned lolita would have. Feel free to throw out ideas or general etiquette for these kinds of things!

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classic lolita dresses from bodyline?

I have a question for y'all.
What are good classic lolita bodyline dresses?
Can you help me,because I intent to move from sweet lolita to classic lolita but I dont have the money to buy classic lolita from brands there for I chose bodyline.
Thanks in advance.

p.s sorry for my bad english.

Coat Pattern

Hello there! I'm wondering if you guys can help me find a nice Lolita coat pattern. My mother just agreed to make me one as a Christmas present, on the condition that I help her find a pattern for it. I've been searching through old entries, and unfortunately there are quite a few broken links. I would prefer something that is wide enough to accomodate a cupcake shape.

Know where I can find any good ones?
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Hime Color Combinations

So, after a particularly cold walk home, I told myself that I was going to do the dream, go for Hime style despite my size, ask for 10 yards of a nice cotton fabric for Christmas, and make myself an OP that was both warm AND I could hold my head high in. It was with that in mind that I decided that I didn't want petal pink, white, or pastels as the main colors, but those seem to be the staple colors.

Could someone suggest some color combinations before I throw fabric onto my Christmas list? Black and gold? Royal blue and black? I've only seen examples in red as an alternative color, not black, purple, silver-trimmed, or otherwise.
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