November 14th, 2011

Someone please help me?

I am just beginning to get into the Lolita fashion... More specifically Gothic Lolita... However, I can't seem to find any reliable stores. :( These are the ones I have tried (It seems reliable... but only accepts HKD and well I'm not sure how to get those since I have only used USD) (Had a lot of really cute stuff that seems relitivly cheap and good quality... But I had found out that it isnt a reliable site...Such a bummer) (But it took me to a different website when I had clicked on "Shopping"...this made me wary of it) (seems to be the only reliable site... but it doesn't really have a lot of clothing that interest me and if it does its sold out!) (seems very reliable...but doesn't have a big selection)

So as you can see I have tried a lot of different websites... This is REALLY stressful trying to find a reliable site of good quality, is relitively inexpensive/decently priced. :( Because trying to get my grandad to be 200 dollars for one dress will lead to a lot of nagging (would use another word... but profanity isn't allowed) As you can tell I'm young (14) so can anyone help me? :( I also have no idea how to tell weather a website is reliable other than typing in the website name and then trying to find reviews on it... So if you can, please tell me how to tell the difference between a reliable website and a ripoff.

I would make my own... but I have NO idea how to sew and I wouldn't even have the slightest idea of where to start or how to make a dress that looks good. I can learn how to sew from my granny but then I would have to figure out how to make a good dress... If anyone you know how to make a good dress then that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, Sorry for any typos... I'm pretty tired and stressed out plus livejournal is messing up on me for some reason (the box I have to type in keeps dissapearing or flashing or some crazy thing)

Hey does anyone know what some ideas are for my hair? Its cut into a bob so its long on the right, and short in the back and on the left. So there really isn't much I can do.

What do you think of the sketchs I have?

So I had made some sketches of some dresses and on my 3rd sketch, I think I have found the one I want to try to create. But then I had gotten to thinking... The dresses may to too flashy and/or clash... I was reading a blog about how to avoid being Ita Lolita... And I'm worried that my dress that I want to try to create falls into that catagory! The dress I'm talking about are the two at the bottom (the one that has "Perfect" written under it and the one below it) The dress is going to be black and white and red. With white accents & laces, black base (The main color is black) and black ribbons (the ribbons that cross across the chest), and Red button (the button that is above that little point on the first layer) and a red fabric behind the black ribbons crossing across the chest. I do plan on redrawing the dress larger so you can see the front and back better. Just in case you missed it the dress I am talking about are the two at the bottom. The one with "Perfect" writen under it is the front, and the one below it is the back... Sorry for any mispellings and/or the picture being too large. The box I have to type the post in was flashing and moving around (again) to the point it was almost impossible to get this done.

Hey everyone new question.... But first, I want to thank everyone who told me what they think of the dress. I have learned a lot from just that about what is and isn't lolita. Just for clarification, this dress (the one I am currently working on) is for an Anime Convention. So when I do design dresses for everyday wear, I know what to and what not to put on it. Now, All I really need help with is a way to put it together. The dress that is in pink, is the design I will be going off of (The picture/sketch curtisy of Gurliebot). So the question is, would it be simplier (and easier) to make the dress in "parts" I.e making the top, sleeves, and straps first, then working on the top part of the skirt, and then the bottom part of the skirt and then attaching them? (like after you get done with the top part of the skirt and the actual skirt you attach them together. THen when you get those attached to attach them to the top and after that work on the bows.) or to just make it all at once? (I don't see how that will work out) So any steps or tips? Remeber, the sketch that is in pink _is not mines_ it belongs to Gurliebot who re-drew my original design.
 Okay... Since the lj cut for some reason just absolutely Hates me, This is the link to Gurliebot's pictures if thats okay with everyone.

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Help me save my dress

I bought a JSK from Yahoo!Japan and finally recieved it today, only to discover that it has a great big stain down the front, it looks like curry to me D: I have no idea how to treat such a stain, I used some Vanish Oxi Spray and put it in the washing machine, but it didn't affect the stain at all, and I've tried using my Tide To Go pen which hasn't done anything either.

My dress is this one in pink, and the stain is all down the chest and on the waist bow so it's not like I can hide it or cover it in some way. Does anyone have any other ideas on things I can try to get it out? I tried asking my mum and she told me curry doesn't come out so I'm really hoping she's wrong.

EDIT: Thank you so much for all of your replies! ♥ Thankfully leaving it in a solution of Oxyclean for 45 minutes worked for me ^^ Hopefully this thread will help others in similar situations and save future dresses!

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hey everyone, i just had a quick question regarding petticoats. i tried looking it up on the search feature, but nothing came up that i could find. recently i purchased and have traded for several dresses that are longer than the usual lolita dress. to be specific, Vampire Requiem's long jsk, and IW's Grazia Crown long jsk.

My question is, is it appropriate to use the same kind of petticoat for dresses like this, or do I have to seek out more customized petticoats suited for longer dresses?

Thanks in advance ~
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Meet in Göttingen

In next week i will be in Göttingen for few days ^^  Its departure from the university, and i dont know when i will have a time but i hope in monday i will know it ^^. When some lolitas whant to meet  with me it would be nice^^

Sorry for my english  :P


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