November 13th, 2011


Advice/ideas please ^^;

Hey all~

I'm actually new to this community on account of me having not used LJ in many years, however, I've got this fabric and quite literally have no idea what to make with it.

The main issue is that the print is very large, and I bought it a very long time ago when I contemplated getting into sweet.... but I never did...

SO! Here I am, asking you guys what you think.  I personally think the fabric's pretty difficult to work with now, but I thought you guys might have some great ideas :)

scissors to try and give perspective... They're large fabric scissors.

Thanks guy~s <3
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AP garter bloomers question

Hi! I was wondering if these ap garter bloomers:
are long enough to peek out under a skirt, and if you can detach the garters to other bloomers as well?
And is the elastic of the garters tight? do you have a photo of them worn under a skirt?
thanks a lot in advance ^^

(PS I know there are knock offs but I hesitate buying from taobao because of the child labor in china)

Community Updates: 13/11/11

Just a couple of minor changes to the updates announced on the 11th:

After considering community feedback, pricing for trades is now optional. This means that if being allowed to post your trade multiple times in a four-week period or switching from a DT to a DS or DA post is a concern for you, your trade should contain a price or a value (though you are not obligated to sell rather than trade the items in your post). Otherwise, you may leave your trades unpriced, though the four-week waiting period will apply. Pricing is still mandatory for all other post types, with the exception of customized commissions in AFC posts.

Feedback guidelines have also been updated to reflect sales community rules on backing out of sales. Please be aware that backing out of a sale after the transaction has officially begun (in an auction-style setting, this means you've placed a bid; in a sales-type situation, this means payment info [PP addresses, account numbers for bank transfers, addresses for exchange of concealed cash, or the like] has been exchanged) can earn you negative feedback, should the seller or buyer choose to leave it.

All other rule changes were proposed rather than immediately effective, so we'll be making official announcements on their fate later this week. As before, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to submit them here :)