November 12th, 2011


Lolita shops in Hong Kong -- still open?

*tiptoes in*

Hi everyone! I've been watching this community from the shadows for some time, but never found the courage or the need to post. I have a question now, though, and I need your help, please!

I'll be going to Hong Kong for a quick getaway soon, and was wondering about shops that sold lolita and gothic lolita. I searched and found this post and this one from a while back. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the shops recommended are still open?

Thanks, and cheers~

Too young for lolita?

Hai, my name's Ashley, I'm 13, and dress in lolita.
I'm just curious to what people think about that.
I don't see any reason for people to tell me I'm doing it wrong, because I always wear tights/knee high socks under my shoes, and a blouse under my jumperskirts. I don't own any brand (obviously) because I don't think I could handle the price and caring for the dresses. I prefer to wear bodyline. I always take care of my lolita items and hang them up. I think I'm very responsible when it comes to lolita. I've made 2 of my friends lolitas, and they made one of their friends (whom I don't know) a lolita too.
I don't take part in my local community, because they only seem to post on the boards when the local anime convention comes around...
I don't know, I just want to see if people still think 13 is too young an age to wear lolita.