November 11th, 2011

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Chihaya Kosugiyama: A Whistling Lolita

I don't know if any of you have seen her but there's nothing about her on EGL so I thought I'd share. So I'm a big fan girl of HIKAKIN and in one of his videos he's with a Lolita (or at least she's dressed in the fashion)! Initially I thought, what could a Lolita be doing in a beatboxer's video? I watched it, and she sounds like a little bird who came out of a classic Disney princess movie and turned human! And the fact that she was wearing Lolita made it a hundred times more adorable! O(≧▽≦)O

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Have any of seen/heard/know anything about Chihaya? She's so cute and her whistling talent + Lolita makes her look like she's a living fairytale princess that I wanna make my own Disney movie with her as the protagonist. :)

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Community Updates: 11/11/11

First up, I'm sorry about FFA vanishing for the past couple of weeks! It will be back on schedule next week, so look out for it next Friday around noon MST :) Rule updates and administrative news will be shifted to Thursday, and the Petticoat Press will continue to go up on Mondays.

Now that's out of the way, here are the community updates for the week. Sorry if this post is kind of long, we've been really busy over the past week. The changes under the "Rule Updates" section will be effective immediately, though we will be offering a "grace period" for both changes: Mistakes made between today (11/11/11) and next Friday (18/11/11) will be met with a simple reminder to fix your post. After the 18th, the normal penalties listed below will be in effect.

Rule Updates
Sales Community: All Listings Must Be Priced
All listings on the sales community must be priced- even those listings posted for direct trade. Failure to price listings will normally result in post deletion or rejection; however, since this is a brand-new rule we'll have a week's "grace period" where you'll simply be reminded to price your listings.

We instituted this rule due to the high number of complaints we had from traders who wished to sell their items, or to repost their items for trade. Now that all items must be priced, traders will be able to reduce their items and switch freely from DT to DS posts, or repost their trades before the 4-week waiting period is over (the 4-day/20% reduction rule still applies!). Traders who created trade posts prior to the introduction of this rule may add prices to their trade items and repost them before the 4-week waiting period is up so they are not unfairly disadvantaged by this rule change.

Please note that we're leaving this rule a little loose, but we do trust users not to abuse it. If we see users continually reposting and reducing items and not actually taking any sale or trade offers, we reserve the right to alter this rule to include some kind of limit on trade posts (e.g. users must wait 10 days between DT posts).

Sales Community: DA Reduction Clarification
For DA (direct auciton) posts, both the starting price and the buy-it-now price (if applicable) must be reduced by 20% or more if the item for auction is reposted within 4 weeks.

Feedback Community: Feedback Guidelines
Due to the high volume of feedback queries we receive, we've decided to institute some more detailed feedback guidelines. The full version of these guidelines can be found here, but in short, these are the circumstances under which positive, negative, and neutral feedback should be left:
Positive:Everything went more or less as expected. Some minor mishaps occurred, but they did not detract from the overall quality of the transaction.
Neutral: Things didn't go too well, but no money or items were lost or severely damaged. May also apply to transactions where buyer was left with an overall sense of dissatisfaction.
Negative: Money and items were lost, items were severely damaged and no compensation (or grossly unsatisfactory compensation) was offered. May also apply if the transaction was grossly unsatisfactory in some way.
Again, the full version of the guidelines can be found here. These are not meant to be set-in-stone rules, but only guidelines meant to help clear up the question of what kind of feedback should be left in certain situations.

Upcoming Changes
Rule Translations
We're currently in the process of creating translated versions of our most important rules for users. You can see the first of these, a German translation made by the wonderful dandelion_cloud, here :D We're also currently working on French and Italian versions. Due to the large number of Spanish-speaking users in the community, we would also like to create a condensed Spanish version of the rules; unfortunately, none of us speak Spanish particularly well ;_; If you are a native Spanish speaker and think you might be able to help us out, please PM eglmods for details.

Sales Community: English Only!
This is a rule we're heavily considering implementing. While we recognize that EGL and its sister communities have many non-native English-speaking users, we feel that the potential for harrassment of other users in languages or dialects that we may not speak is high. Additionally, it's confusing for users on to run across comments in another language- on the sales community, for instance, this may mean that a user can't tell whether or not a particular item has been sold. Since discussion on EGL can get a little confusing for non-native English speakers, and clarification in other languages is typically helpful, this English-only requirement would only extend to the sales community. And of course, you can always comment on the original sales post saying that a PM has been sent in English, and then proceed to conduct contact in a different language in private messages. Thoughts on the matter?

Rejected Changes
Sales Community: No Selling For Friends
This one is pretty self-explanatory: it was suggested by a user that we ban the practice of users selling items for friends or family members. Unfortunately, we have literally no way of enforcing this rule- we can't barge into people's homes and check their payment records to ensure they have an item in their posession, and make sure that said item is actually their property. With that said, we would like to stress that we hold members responsible for their own sales- so if you purchase an item that a user is selling for their friend, you would still leave feedback for the user based on their contact, the condition of the item, and so forth.

Sales Community: Tags for locations
Again, this is fairly self-explanatory. With the large number of tags we already have on the community, we just felt this would be a few tags too many, and since most users state their location and their willingness (or unwillingness) to ship internationally in their post title or cut text, we felt it would not be very useful.

And that's all for rule updates for the week! As before, please feel free to submit your suggestions in this post for our consideration :)

Advice on Buying from OzzOn (and other hard-to-find brands) New and Used?

I'm not sure how I came across it, but I found the most gorgeous pair of boots from OzzOn. Luckily enough, they have an English guide to ordering from the store so I guess they DO offer international shipping! But I don't hear very much about them. Does anybody have any experiences with them to share with me? Fast/Slow, good communicators, shipment delays, etc.?

I got to thinking, there are quite a few brands that I like but almost never seem to find used anywhere. Atelier Boz, OzzOn, Kikirara Shoten, Triple Fortune, and so on. As far as I know, Closet Child doesn't even have a section for these brands. They crop up occasionally on sites like mbok, but they're still pretty rare.

Where is the best place to find used clothing from more "uncommon" brands? Are there any online shops that specialize in less well-known brands or am I still better off checking auction sites?