November 10th, 2011


Opinions on this F+F coat?

Alright, I hate to clog up the community with personal questions but as it's so difficult finding reviews on specific items I figure it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to shelling out near $200 for a coat sight unseen. I know the design is a bit much but I can't help but have my heart set on this coat in black:

My favorite part is the lace, and of course that is what has me worried the most as I've read F+F has sometimes used questionable lace on their designs. I also quite like this coat as it seems it would be wonderful for somewhat colder winters and while I know there are others on F+F also suitable for such weather the details of this coat is really what caught me as it's not quite like anything else I've ever seen before. So before all the prices are completely bumped back up to their original prices could I possibly get some opinions (on the quality, not the design) of this particular coat? Please and thank you!
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Opinion on a dress & first brand clothes

#1 I found a shop in my city that sells lolita dresses. Apparently the owner imports them from Sai Sai in London. I bought the following dress the other day. It didn’t cost a lot. The tag says it’s from a brand called Spin Doctor. They also have stuff from GLP. Does anybody know those brands? What do you think about them?
Does the dress look like an okay lolita dress (apart from the backribbon which looks kind of cheap to me)?
#2 Both my birthday and Christmas are coming up soon, I’m thinking about treating myself to my first clothes from a well known lolita brand as a combined birthday/christmas present. I’m thinking about ordering from Innocent World. I especially like this JSK (in black) and this blouse (in black or white?) - or maybe this dress (in black) instead of the JSK/blouse - and this beret (in black).

Are these okay choices for a first brand outfit?
Thank you for your help!
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October Contest RESULTS

We would like to thank everyone that participated in our Halloween contest! There were many fantastic entries and picking a winner proved to be very difficult!

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And now just some reminders...
NOVEMBER contest is here! Fantastic prizes to be won, please check the post for details ♥
Also egl_judges_comm is still accepting applications for our 6th judge! If you think you have what it takes to join our judging team, please check this post for details.

Your experiences with Angelic Pretty USA

Hello everyone!
A very good friend of me is going to order something from Angelic Pretty USA but she has worries about the custom's price.
Do you have any advices for me? Or better: Did you make any experience with the custom's price?
Thanks for your attention & sorry for my bad english (isn't my native language..)

Edit: I'm sorry! I forgot to tell you where my friend lives! She's living in germany so the order from AP USA would be send to germany!

questions about many taobao and bodyline shoes!

i am interested in selecting WHITE shoes from these. which are the best, or at least, do any of you own at least one of these to tell me how the QUALITY is and FIT? how are they in the RAIN?????